Where Can You Fly to from Derry Airport 

By  Enda

If you are trying to find out where you can fly to from Derry Airport, then we have listed all of the possible destinations just below.

Updated 2024

Flight Destinations from Derry Airport

There are currently 3 airlines Albastar, Loganiar and Ryanair with 7 destinations available to fly to from Derry Airport. These are Algarve (Portugal), Birmingham (New), Glasgow, London Heathrow, Lourdes, Majorca, Manchester and Verona(Italy).

  1. Algarve (Faro Airport) - operating on a weekly basis from 20th May 2024. (Mondays 14:55)
  2. Birmingham - operating on a weekly basis from March 2024
  3. Glasgow - Loganair - 4 times a week Monday (13:50),  Wednesday (13:50), Friday (13.20) and Sunday (20.10)
  4. London Heathrow - Loganair - three times Monday - Friday and twice daily at the weekend - Monday to Friday (06:30 and 14:00), Saturday (06:30, 16:10) and Sunday (09:05, 18:15)
  5. Lourdes - Joe Walsh Tours - three pilgrimages to Lourdes direct from City of Derry Airport from May - July 2023 for the Raphoe Diocesan, the Derry Diocesan and a direct service for anyone who would like to book.
  6. Majorca - Albastar - 27th June 2024 - 29th August 2024 (Flight departs every Wednesday at 09:45)
  7. Manchester - Ryanair - 4 flights - (12:30) on Monday, (18:05.05) on Thursday, (09:30) on Friday and (14:05) on Sunday

So from Derry Airport there are 7 UK destinations.

City of Derry Airport Details

  • Address: City of Derry Airport, Airport Road, Eglinton, Co.Derry BT47 3GY
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 28 7181 0784
  • Email: info@cityofderryairport.com
  • Car Parking: parking@cityofderryairport.com


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