What Luggage Can You Take on Jet2? 

By  Enda

We explain what luggage you can take when flying with Jet2. We have explained this first for hand luggage and then for luggage that will go into the hold.

Hand Luggage Allowance for Jet2

  • Maximum Size: - 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (including wheels and handles)
  • Maximum Weight: - 10Kg

This is free to carry on. Be aware that if it is heavier than 10Kg then it will have to go into the hold, and will attract an additional charge.

In addition to this you can also bring a small piece of luggage on board (e.g. a handbag, laptop bag or an airport purchase), as long as it is placed underneath the seat in front of you.

You should also be aware that all hand luggage is carried in the cabin at the complete discretion of Jet2. In very busy flights they may check it into the aircraft hold for operational or capacity reasons.

Jet 2 do offer a guaranteed cabin luggage for an extra charge, and if you have pre-booked this service, you will not be asked to put your hand baggage in the hold.

Cabin Max Velocity Cabin Suitcase

The Jet 2 hand luggage allowance is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and this hard case from Cabin Max measures 55 x 40 x 20 cm so is suitable for taking on any Jet2 flight.

It is expandable and comes in a variety of colours

This type of case will hold enough for up to 1 week's travel

It has 4 wheels and a telescopic handle which makes for smooth easy movement and comes with a 3 year warranty. We like this because it is light enough to carry up the steps to the aircraft, and it is also narrow enough to be able to wheel down the aisle of an Jet2 plane.

It also fits into the lockers overhead though will not fit under the seat. For that type of storage you really need a soft sided small case.

Check In Luggage Allowance for Jet2

You can book up to three 22 Kg hold bags per person per flight by paying any applicable charges.

They do not allow single hold bags that weigh more than 32kg, and they charge £12 per kg for baggage that exceeds your total weight allowance.

When you are in the process of booking in check-in (hold) luggage the charge per bag depends on your destination.

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase

Jet 2 don't have a size restriction for check-in luggage but they do have a generous 22 Kg allowance.

Something like a 90 litre case is a good size for holding 20-22 Kg of clothes and other items.

This case is a best seller, comes in a variety of colours and is a hard shell case.

It has 4 wheels and a telescopic handle which makes for smooth easy movement and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

 We like this because it is light and doesn't eat up your weight allowance. It is also very well made and designed to hold enough clothes for 10 to 14 days which is ideal for most holiday lengths.

Sports Equipment and Outsize Items Allowance for Jet2

The booking of sports equipment and other larger items (such as bicycles) is always at the discretion of Jet2. It really depends on the available capacity on any individual flight. They must be pre-booked.

Golf clubs, fishing rods, scuba equipment, are all subject to a 22 Kg weight restriction.

Skis and snowboards are subject to a maximum size of 290cm x 90cm and a 22 Kg weight restriction.

Surf and body boards are subject to a maximum size of 180cm x 90cm and a 22 Kg weight restriction.

Bicycles have a 32 Kg weight restriction and must be carried in a bike box or wrapped in stiff cardboard with the pedals removed and the handlebars turned in line with the frame. Tyres must also be partially deflated.

Scuba tanks need to be empty with the valves open

Musical Instruments Allowance for Jet2

If your musical instrument is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and weighs less than 10kg, it may be carried onto the aircraft with you free of charge as your one piece of hand luggage.

If you prefer you can check your musical instrument into the hold for a £30 charge. It should be properly protected from damage and you should have adequate travel insurance in place. They must be pre-booked

The weight allowance is 22kg per item, and anything exceeding this will be charged for in line with Jet2 excess baggage policy, subject to space and availability.

Larger instruments, such as a guitar or cello, may be carried in the cabin on a dedicated seat, but this extra seat must be paid for. The item must weigh no more than 65kg, must be securely restrained in the seat, and must not extend above the top of the seat by more than 30cm.

Other Luggage Fees with Jet2

Hand Luggage

As long as you hand (cabin) luggage meets the size and weight restrictions there are no fees. However, if you are over sized or over weight then you will not be able to bring your hand luggage on board. It will be checked in and they will charge an additional fee.

Jet2 check in staff do carry out random hand luggage checks at some check-ins especially if they are not busy and there is no queues.

Check-In Luggage

When you are booking your flight or package holiday with Jet2, the charge per bag varies depending on your destination. It also depends how you are making your booking such as through the Jet2 website, a call centre, or at the airport. 

If you want to check in an additional item at the airport on the day of departure, you’ll need to pay a fee of £45 per item, plus any applicable excess baggage fees.

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