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By  Enda

Like most budget airlines, Easyjet regularly change the rules and allowances when it comes to baggage/luggage allowances. We will explain in this article what hold luggage is and what sizes and weights you are allowed to check in.

When you travel on an Easyjet flight there are really two luggage options:

  1. Cabin luggage - This is also referred to as carry on luggage, under the seat or onboard luggage. This is a bag that you can bring with you on to the plane and will normally hold those few things you need when traveling. Typically this could be a phone, passports, travel documents, any medicine you may need, clothes, a few sweets etc.
  2. Hold luggage - This is a larger bag or bags that you have to check-in at the airport and it gets placed in the hold of the plane. You then have to pick that bag up at your destination airport on one of the luggage belts.

Difference Between Easyjet Cabin Luggage vs Hold Luggage

Small Cabin Bag

Under their current rules in 2024, a passenger can bring on one small cabin bag per person. There is a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including any handles and wheels) This bag can weigh up to 15Kg. This is classed as a small cabin bag and it is a pretty small bag designed for a short trip. This includes small trolley cases, a rucksack, laptop bag, handbag etc.

easyjet small cabin bag

Large Cabin Bag

There is also an option to bring on a larger cabin bag as well as the small one mentioned above. There is a maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm (including any handles and wheels) This bag can weigh up to 15Kg and needs to be able to fit in the overhead locker.

There are 3 ways of being able to do this:

  1. Select an Up Front or Extra Leg room seat (included)
  2. Book and pay for a large cabin bag (From £5.99)
  3. Are an Easyjet Plus cardholder or have booked a FLEXI fare
easyjet large cabin bag

Easyjet Hold Luggage - Sizes and Charges

Hold luggage is luggage that will not go on board with you and you have to check in and then pick it up on the passenger belt at the airport. All hold luggage on Easyjet has to be paid for. The reason airlines, including Easyjet, charge for this is any bag adds weight to the plane. That means the aircraft uses more fuel and they need more staff to handle the luggage. So those charges get passed on to the traveler.

In essence each passenger pays for the amount of luggage that they bring.


It is ALWAYS cheaper to book Easyjet hold luggage online than to pay for it at the airport.

Each passenger (including children) can buy up to 3 hold bags. A standard hold bag is 23Kg and you can then buy extra weight in 3 Kg amounts (£12 per 3 Kg) up to a maximum of 32 Kg per bag.

Each bag has a maximum size of 275 cm (To find this out just add the length + width + height) We have shown a few examples below:

  • A standard suitcase that will hold around 23 Kg in weight has a capacity of around 90 litres. One of that size will measure 54 x 29 x 75. Add those together and you get 158 cms which is well under the 275 cm limit
  • A large holdall that will hold around 23 Kg in weight has a capacity of around 96 litres. One of that size will measure 80 x 35 x 40. Add those together and you get 155 cms which is well under the 275 cm limit

When you make your booking there are three choices:

  • 15 Kg bag - ideal size for a short break -  from £6.99 - Fee varies depending on the route selected, flight and time of booking.
  • 23 Kg standard bag - ideal for a 1-2 week break per passenger - from £9.49 - Fee varies depending on the route selected, flight and time of booking.
  • up to 32 Kg if you like to pack a lot of things

Many UK travelers like to go to destinations such as Portugal and Spain to play golf or to go diving in warmer waters. You can bring certain sizes of sport's equipment with you. We have explained those just below.

Easyjet Small Sport's Equipment

This is for items up to a maximum of 20Kg. This includes items such as golf clubs, skis and boots, diving equipment etc.

  • £37 online
  • £47 at the airport

Easyjet Large Sport's Equipment

This is for items up to a maximum of 32Kg. This includes items such as bicycles, hang gliders, canoes, kayaks etc

  • £45 online
  • £55 at the airport

Is Easyjet Hold Luggage Both Ways?

You have to book the hold luggage for the outward journey and the return journey.

How to Add Hold Luggage to an Easyjet Booking?

The cheapest way of doing this is to do it online or via the Easyjet mobile app when you are making your initial booking. You can still add them after you have booked your flights in the Manage Bookings section online or using their Mobile App.

You can do this at the airport but it is much more expensive as we have shown above so try and avoid doing that. You should also know that once you’ve booked hold luggage Easyjet will not give you a refund should you change your mind. If you want to buy hold luggage for only one sector, you can only do this at the airport

Easyjet Booking Mobile Apps

Tips for Packing Easyjet Hold Luggage

  • Always remove any tags from your luggage from previous trips as that can cause real confusion
  • Have a label on your luggage and include on that your name, destination address, email and phone number - this is really useful if your luggage gets lost - also a great idea to put a copy of your address inside your bag
  • Never place travel or other important documents inside hold luggage
  • Avoid placing any valuables in your hold luggage. It is just fact that luggage gets thrown around by some baggage handlers. On the rare occasion items can also get stolen but thankfully that is rare.
  • We would also recommend locking your hold luggage. If there is a built-in lock then use that and if not, use a small padlock
  • Clearly identify your hold luggage using luggage straps. It makes it easier to see when it arrives on the luggage belt at the airport. Use one for the length of the case and one for the width of the case

Dealing with Damaged Easyjet Hold Luggage

When the luggage comes off the belt and it is damaged, which does happen, then trying to claim for that is extremely difficult with Easyjet. The first thing to understand is that you must inform them at the airport and you can not do this retrospectively.

They never accept superficial or external damage, or if the case has been over packed, or any damage caused by weather conditions, or any damage to internal goods.

Easyjet will ask you to complete a damage report at their Baggage Services desk in the Arrivals hall at the airport, or by using a self-service machine.

If successful they will either attempt a repair of if beyond repair they will offer a replacement.

Dealing with Lost/Delayed Easyjet Hold Luggage

Easyjet refer to lost luggage as delayed luggage. That is because 92% of lost luggage is found. Therefore they call it delayed rather than lost. It's worth noting that 8 out of every 100 bags are lost.

There are some annoying things in the world and this is one of them. You stand at the luggage belt and your cases never appear. If this happens you need to contact a member of the Baggage Services Team within the airport to help you.

If they can't find it then you need to use their Dedicated Baggage Portal as soon as possible to register your bag. You will be asked you to describe your bag and enter the bag tag number. The bag tag number is a key identifier, so it’s important to enter it if you have it.(You get this when you check in)

It is known as a baggage receipt and it has a number on it that corresponds to the tag attached to your bag. Sometimes they stick this to your boarding pass and sometimes on to the back of your passport.

The number is often placed above a barcode and generally consists of either 10 digits or 2 letters and 6 digits.

Easyjet then search for your missing hold luggage and send you a reference number by email and SMS text message. You can then keep a track on this.

If found you can pick it up at the airport or they will deliver it to you by courier.

If not found Easyjet will reimburse up to £25* per person, per day, for up to three days (that’s £75* per person maximum). To claim the reimbursement, keep all your receipts and submit them online within 21 days.

Your claim is paid in pounds sterling, euros, or other local currency converted at the daily rate at the time of payment. A claim is only valid if you are away from home and have proof of all expenses incurred.

If Easyjet can’t find your bag after 45 days, they consider it to be lost, and you’ll be eligible for compensation. You can claim this compensation online using this link. You will need a reference number and the family name. The amount paid will depend on the contents of your bag and any receipts you have as proof of purchase. (Good luck with that)

If Easyjet declare your bag lost at this stage, they keep the details on their system and will let you know if they find it in the future.


Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and I love to travel. I travelled for many years with business, but these days it is thankfully all about holidays and enjoyment. Here I share everything I have learned about travel.

Enda McLarnon

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