What To Take On A Business Trip

In this article I will make some suggestions on what to take on a business trip. Many of us have to travel away for work. While some people may enjoy that, the reality is that most people know it is something they have to do, rather then something they want to do.

Business travellers range from someone who is self-employed to someone working for a larger Corporate company. This article will help you to know what to take on a business trip that you will find useful.

The routine is basically the same for most of us. You catch the “Red-Eye” at silly o’clock, then get to the meeting by bus, train or taxi. We attend the meeting and then make the arduous journey back that evening. It can be a long and exhausting day. I thought I would put together some tips on how to make that experience a lot easier on the body and mind.

Travelling like this can be stressful enough and yet you are expected to cope with this and also perform at your maximum level throughout the entire day. Over the year I have covered thousands of air miles to meetings, conferences, road shows and other business events. Along the way I picked up many tips to make this easier.

Tip 1 – Boy/Girl Scout Attitude

If you have to do a presentation then make sure it is completed and run through the day before. Don’t leave this until you get on the plane as that is just too stressful. You will instantly put yourself under pressure if you leave this to the last minute. I would also recommend having an presentations backed up in case something happens to the one on your laptop.

Pack everything the night before, check all of your reservation details, get a good night’s sleep and go to bed early if you have that horrible morning flight. You should especially check arrangements if you haven’t actually made them yourself. I was caught out like that a few times with stupid flight times booked.

Tip 2 – What to Pack and Take on a Business Trip?

Don’t forget the mobile, laptop or tablet or all three. Make sure they are all fully charged the night before as that takes off a lot of pressure. Bring one of those quick charging power banks with you as well. The Anker Power bank costs under £10 and is a very popular choice. That is the one that I use and it has helped me out many times.

A pen and paper are always handy. I also like to have cash with me, some change and about £50 – 100 in notes. Check the wallet has a driving license or some form of ID. For travel outside the UK don’t forget the passport.

I also like to take a print out of directions to the meeting place and the hotel if you are staying over. I also like to have a packet of mints or some gum and a bar of chocolate and some water. (after you go through security of course)

The Dreaded Airport Wait

Tip 3 – Getting Quickly Through Security at the Airport

If like me you carry a lot of metal things on your body like keys, pens, coins, and phones then keep them all in your jacket. That way you can simply pop your jacket off and drop that into the tray.

Keep your laptop, tablet and phone out as they need to go through on their own. It is always easier to throw your belt on top of your jacket rather then have them ask you to take it off.

Many airports in the UK also offer a “priority security” option. You pay an additional charge and it means you can fast track through the airport security system. I have used this a lot and it saves you a lot of time, and also helps you avoid long queues of people going on holiday.

Tip 4 – The Precious Laptop

Most business people still use a laptop though some have moved to the iPad or a similar brand of tablet. That is where I keep almost anything business related so going without that would be a disaster for me.

Now even if you don’t plan to use it during the actual flight, you’ll have the peace of mind that it’s okay. It helps me relax knowing the baggage handlers can’t toss around my expensive computer.

It is also useful when waiting on flights to depart and can also just be a simple companion in a heartless airport. A good quality laptop bag will help keep it safe and also stop it from getting damaged. The Amazon Basics is a very popular and affordable choice for a good quality laptop bag.

Tip 5 – Avoid the Booze

On a day trip, and especially if you drive to or from the airport just give the beer or wine a miss. You never want to risk your driving license for a couple of beers. If staying overnight then it is grand to have one or two, but just be aware of your travelling home arrangements the next day.

I don’t want to sound like a kill joy, but I have seen enough people first thing in the morning on a business trip who wished they had gone to bed, instead of burning the midnight oil. That is especially true for those who though that at about midnight it was a good idea to give their boss some “honest feedback.”


I made a simple tick list for business day trips which I got laminated and kept it inside my laptop bag. I checked this off the night before and that is just a great idea. You can then have a supplemental shorter list if it is an overnight stay. that would include items like grooming accessories, underwear, socks etc.

When travelling on business, most of that type of travel will either be same day travel, or perhaps a single overnight stay. A good case that is light in weight with wheels that run easily is ideal for this type of travel.

It should be big enough to hold all your items, and yet fit easily within the airline allowance for cabin baggage. We would also recommend booking everything online and also checking in online. That way you can go straight to security and get off to your gate in plenty of time.

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