Soft Sided Suitcase Set UK Reviews 2021

In this article we review what we believe to be some of the best soft sided suitcase sets, currently available on the UK market. Buying a set of suitcases, rather than individual cases usually will help save you some money.

That is because the manufacturers and luggage brands, can offer a number of their products at once, and they bundle those together in offers. Personally I think it is also nice where possible to have matching luggage, in the you hand luggage and your hold luggage look the same.

Types of Soft Side Suitcase

You can buy these suitcase sets in either a soft side version, or a hard side version.  The softer side style is usually cheaper to buy, but that varies quite a bit depending on the actual travel brand that you like. You can also get them in different number of pieces such as a 2 piece set, 3 piece, 4 piece etc.

To try and make your search that little bit easier, we have done our research for those that have attracted the highest buyer ratings. We have then sorted those into 2 piece, 3 piece etc. Hopefully that should make your final decision a little bit easier.

Best 2 Piece Soft Side Suitcase Sets

We looked around online and found an interesting collection of 2 piece sets. These can be ideal as in 2 matching cases for sale, or something like a hand luggage and a piece of hold luggage combined.

No 1 Choice - Aerolite 21" Super Lightweight Spinner Carry On


This one came out as one of the best, as it is a popular quality brand, and this is a good choice for travelling couples. Buyers have given this one a buyer satisfaction rating of 94%, which is a real top notch rating. The two bags are both 21" and they come in a choice of colours which include, black/grey, grey/black, navy/plum and black/navy. The price will vary a little depending on which colour you go for.

The good news is that these are suitable to take into a cabin, so ideal if you are flying with any of the low cost airlines, including Easyjet, Ryanair, Flybe, British Airways, Are Lingus, Thomas Cook, TUI, Jet2 and many others.

They are light in weight so you can pack more clothes in, as the weight of the bag does not account, for a lot of your baggage allowance.

They come with a 10 year guarantee, have 4 spinner wheels and the deal includes a 3 digit combination barrel padlock.

They are made from a tough wearing polyester material, that is toughened to resist tears and rips. In terms of pockets they have a large front pocket which is zipped, and a smaller top pocket which is ideal for documentation and your essentials. Each case measures 55 x 35 x 20 and weighs 1.8 Kg.

Each bag has a telescopic handle. The interior has packing straps with clips to help keep everything neatly in place.

No 2 Choice - 5 Cities Trolley Backpack Cabin and Ryanair Second Bag Hand Luggage


This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 92%.  Now although this one is made to pass all the Ryanair baggage allowance measurements, it is also suitable for all other airlines as well. This set is also one of the cheapest on this list, and yet with the rating be so high, they have clearly not compromised on quality either.

This is classed as a hand luggage pack as you can carry both of these unto a Ryanair flight for free. That will be a useful combination for some people, and especially for anyone who regularly flies with this company.

This is a combination of a trolley bag and a holdall. Ryan air allows a second carry on hand luggage and this set meets their strict requirements, and also allows you to have a decent amount of luggage, without any risk of penalty baggage charges.

The holdall measures 35 x 20 x 20 cm, has a 14 litre capacity, weighs 0.4 Kg and comes with a 2-year guarantee. The trolley bag measures 54 x 35 x 19 cm, has a 42 litre capacity and weighs 1.65 Kg. This trolley bag has a telescopic handle, a carry side handle and a tug handle at the top.

No 3 Choice - Aerolite 2 Wheel Super Lightweight Upright Suitcase


This set of cases from the very popular Aerolite brand has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 88%.  These are probably one of the biggest selling set of 2 bags online. They come with a 10 year guarantee, and are 50% lighter than most bags currently being sold on the UK market place. They are available in a choice of colours that include black, navy or a wine colour.

You are getting two bags, one is 21" and the other one is a 26" bag. 

The 21" bag measures 55x35x20 cm, weighs 1.75 Kg, and has a 24 litre capacity

The 26" bag measures  8.5x42x26 weighs 2.4 Kg and has a 68 litre capacity

Each bag has a large front zipper pocket, and a smaller front pocket for your essentials. There is a free 3 digit padlock inside the bag.

The bags are made from a tough wearing polyester material which is resistant to rips, and is easy to wipe clean. There is a top and a side carrying handle on each suitcase. Please note these are 2 wheel bags so can be pulled along, but don't roll or spin easily around like the 4 wheel options. They are nice and light with plenty of room.

No 4 Choice - Set of 2 21"/55cm 5 Cities Cabin Approved Hand Luggage Lightweight Trolley Bags for Ryanair/Easyjet Print


This set of cases from 5 Cities bring something a little different to the market. They have achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 86., which is a very good rating. As you can see from the image below, these are designed for couples, and come in a whole range of style options which include black and cities, aztec multi, black and polka dots, bags and shoes, mint butterflies and many more.

These are certainly very different looking, and ones that are designed for the more adventurous who like to own suitcases, that are that little bit different. The choice of selections is really wide.

Each bag measures 55 x 35 x 20 cm and each bag is classed as a 21" bag which meets the approved hand luggage size for all of the major airlines, including the low cost ones.

Each bag has a capacity of 42 litres and they weigh 1.65 Kg. There is a small front pocket for essentials, and these can be pulled along on two wheels.

Each bag uses a rigid frame and has been strengthened at the bottom to help increase their lifetime. One of the features that I don't like is that as these have two wheels, and no feet at the front, they are prone to tumbling over, if left unattended. That can be particularly annoying if standing in a queue. At the lower price though, I guess that is something that you have to sacrifice.

No 5 Choice - Cabin Max Copenhagen Hand Luggage Set


Cabin Max are another well known and a well liked luggage brand. This set of cases is designed for the single traveller and has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 88%. 

This is a luggage set again designed to meet the strict baggage allowance of Ryanair. As previously mentioned, that also means that it meets the requirements of almost every other airline.

I did many business trips myself using this airline, and this is the set that I used, and I have to say that I really liked it a lot.

It is a really useful set for business people as it has a good trolley suitcase, and a really useful stowaway bag, which I used all the time. It can be wheeled as one unit and that made it really convenient for me as well.

The trolley suitcase measures 55x40x20 cm, weighs 1.9 Kg and has one large compartment with packing straps, an external zipped pocket and an internal netted pocket. It has 4 multi-directional wheels, a telescopic handle and a top carrying handle. It doesn't have a side handle which I would have preferred.

The stowaway bag measures 35x20x15 cm, weighs 0.4 Kg, and has two main compartments. The front is the smaller of the 2 and is perfect for holding important items such as travel documents and smaller electronic devices. The back  packet has a useful small netted safety pocket,  which is handy for toiletries.

No 6 Choice - Wenger 600662 PATRIOT 17" 2-Piece Business Wheeled Laptop Briefcase


This set of cases is an expensive option, but a set that will be of interest to many business people. This one does sell really well and has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 90%. That is an impressive rating by any standards. This set contains a business wheeled laptop briefcase, and a matching 15.4" laptop case. It is only available in a black colour.

Business people tend to use the roller style case for general travelling and then switch to the smaller case when travelling between meetings. This set is really about having a bit of choice and also about convenience.

The wheels are great on this one as they move quickly and quietly and allow you to manoeuvre around corners and narrow walkways very quickly. There are a variety of organisers which are great for items like chargers, leads, business cards and phones.

The Wenger brand is a higher end brand so in many ways you are also making a bit of a statement, when travelling with these. They are a Swiss company, and these bags are extremely well made. They offer for example triple layer protection for your laptop, notebook or tablet. These are useful for overnight or weekend trips.

No 7 Choice - 5 Cities 55cm/21" Folding Cabin Hand Luggage Suitcase Bags


This set of cases from 5 Cities, is a good double offer, for someone who wants a set of affordable cases. They have achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 80%.  That is not as high as many on the list, but they are set at a fairly low price. These are two 21" bags and they are available in the following colours, black, cities, and purple.

They measure 55 x 40 x 20 cm /21 and those dimensions meet the baggage allowance requirements of approved hand luggage for Easyjet, Ryanair, BA, Virgin, Flybe & most other airlines!
They have a capacity of 39 litres and each bag weighs 1.5 Kg.

They are clever as they can fold flat when not in use for easy-storage
The supporting feet can be pulled out, so it collapses when desired, and the manufacturers stated that they designed these with students in mind or for those where storage space is minimal.

They have 2 wheels so can be pulled along. They will not fall over as they have supportive feet on the bottom of the case. They zip close and they have telescopic handles. These are useful for short trips, and have 2 front facing pockets and an internal pocket. These are a really good choice for a boy or girl's weekend abroad.

No 8 Choice - Slimbridge Montecorto Set of 2 Cabin Luggage Bags


This set of cases are pretty striking looking, and there is an option of a more subtle bag for the man. They have achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 80%.  The colour choice is wide, but has a main theme of polka dot, as you can see in the image just below. The colours are primarily black, purple and red, and the option of a plain black bag to go with a coloured polka dot style case.

These are certainly very good value for money, and it really is hard to argue with the price. Buyers also rate these highly enough, so well worth having a look at.

They do come with a 3 year warranty, are very light at just 1.4 Kg. Each bag measures 55 x 35 x 20 cm with a 38 litre capacity. Each bag has a large main compartment, a front pocket and both top and side carry handles. It is ultra lightweight and can be folded for storage.

Some buyers said these were not that well made, and that they do topple over. For me I think these are OK if you just want something cheap and cheerful.

No 9 Choice - Palma Lightweight Trolley cabin suitcase


This is a set of 2 cases from the Palma brand and they have achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 88%. That is the type of buyer satisfaction rating that we like to see. They come in the blue and black shown below

At this price, we think this makes a very good combination. There are a few colour options as well.

These are flight cabin approved, and they are padded and have straps inside to help hold your clothes in place.

As you can see they have telescopic handles, and also a carrying handle at the top. There is also a handle at the bottom which helps a lot when putting your bag in the overhead lockers.

Buyers rate these highly and they are in the affordable range.

Best 3 Piece Soft Sided Suitcase Sets

In this section we look at the top rated 3 piece suitcase sets.

No 1 Choice - Aerolite Super Lightweight World lightest Suitcase

This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 96%. It will be hard to find a 3 piece set with a higher buyer rating than this choice from the popular Aerolite brand.

Please note that these are 2 wheel cases, and that they are available in plain black, navy and a wine colour.

They come with a 10 year guarantee

The cases are three different sizes:

  • 55x35.5x20 Cm Weight: 1.75 Kg, Capacity: 34 litres
  • 66x41x25cm Weight 2.4 Kg, Capacity 68 litres
  • 74x46x30 Cm Weight: 2.75 Kg, Capacity: 103 litres

Aerolite really do make some of the lightest luggage available on the market. This set is ideal for those who need reliable luggage that looks the part.

They are made from Polyester material, which is hard wearing.

They have a telescopic trolley handle, which retracts all the way back inside the case when not in use.

There is a branded interior lining, with multiple compartments and you get a number lock which will help secure your bags.

No 2 Choice - Revelation Weightless B2 Set of 3

This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 86%. 

Revelation are a very good brand and this 3 piece set does come with a full 10 year warranty which will give you peace of mind.

Very lightweight which is also great when travelling.

They have top and side handles and all of them have front pockets for extra storage.

They have 360 degree rotating wheels for easy movement.

These 3 cases come in a whole variety of colours including black, navy blue, blue, charcoal grey, pink, pattern blue and pattern red.

No 3 Choice - Luggage Zone Ultra Light Three Piece Suitcase Set

This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 84%. 

These are a more expensive choice as you can see. They have been designed though to be ultra light.

They are full lined and the set of three includes a small cabin sized bag, a middle sized case and a large full size case.

They all come with a 3 year warranty

They are well made and they are light.

Buyers rate these highly enough but we feel the price will put many people off.

No 4 Choice - Aerolite Ultra Lightweight Upright Suitcase with 2 Wheels 3-Piece Luggage Set

This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 85%. 

This is the same brand as our number one choice and this range is known as the ultra light range.

They are also more expensive than the first choice, but they do offer something even lighter.

This set though has a 3 year warranty rather than the 10 year warranty you get with the first option.

This set has a small, medium and large set of bags.

Best 4  or More Piece Soft Sided Suitcase Sets

In this section we look at some choices of luggage sets where there are 4 or more suitcases in the set.

No 1 Choice - Super Lightweight 2 Wheel Suit Case Trolley Cases Luggage Cabin Holiday Set

This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 83%. 

This is a full set of 5 cases in a range of different sizes and they come in the polka dot design.

In terms of colours you get the red, blue or black all in polka dot style.

The set includes 5 pieces comprising of 30",26",21" and 2 Cabin bags

All have top and side handles.

They are made from polyester, and have zipped front pocket, a telescopic trolley system, grab handles, and are fully lined, with internal packing straps.

They also have locking zips and padlock.