Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle Review 

By  Enda

This is our review of the Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle with wheels.  As the name would suggest this suitcase is classed as a duffel style bag.

This is from the high quality Samsonite brand, and comes with an RRP of £175. Yes that is expensive for a bag or holdall. However, when we checked out prices online, we were able to find if for around 20% less, at around £165

On average buyers rate this case with a 90% buyer satisfaction which is an excellent rating. Let's have a closer look.

Samsonite Paradiver Light - Travel Duffle/Backpack with 2 Wheels S, 55 cm, 51 L, Blue (Jeans Blue)

As you can see from the image to the left, this duffle bag is extremely well made, and the high quality is there to be seen. The bag shown above is of course the yellow colour. It is however also available in black, blue, jeans blue and white.

We have shown these colours below. Please click on any of the images, to see a larger version of the image.

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Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle yellow colour


Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle black colour


Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle blue colour

Jeans Blue

Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle jeans blue colour


Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle white colour

It is worth noting, that the price changes slightly, depending on your colour selection.

What Sizes Are Available in the Samsonite Paradiver Duffle?

This duffle is available in three sizes as shown below:

  • Small - 55 cm 48.5 litres
  • Medium - 67 cm and 74.5 litres
  • Large -  79 cm and 121.5 litres

As with the colour, the size of bag that you select, will also make a slight difference to the price.

How Buyers Rate the Samsonite Paradiver

When spending any money, it is always worth checking the buyer reviews. we like to read and summarise those as it gives me a sense if it is the right product for me. After all these people have bought the product, used it and then taken the time to leave a review.

They use a 5 star rating system with 5 being the highest and best rating, and 1 being the lowest rating. I have summarised these by percentage below.

Around 73 out of 100 people gave this duffle bag the full 5 star treatment. 86% rated it 4 stars or higher. 4% of buyers gave this a poor review.

What Buyers Didn't Like About the Samsonite Paradiver

There were no major complaints with this duffel case from Samsonite. Those who left those complained about not being able to figure out how to work the internal straps. One buyer said they had an issue with the stitching becoming stretched.

What Buyers Liked About the Samsonite Paradiver

Overall the reviews were good and this attracted an average 4.5 out of 5 stars which is a very high and consistent rating.

The bag has been carefully designed to be light, as that helps keep your luggage weight down. At the same time they have not compromised on the Samsonite quality.

It is good that there are a range of colour options and size options. The wheels are suitably soft enough so as they don't make a hard rattle on paving.

Buyers also said that the interior was really good, and we have show that in the image below.

Below we take a look at the more specific details of this type of bag. It is available in 3 sizes:

  • Small -  25 x 55 x 40 cm (H x L x W), weighs 2.4 Kg and has a 51 litre capacity
  • Medium - 28 x 67 x 42 cm (H x L x W), weighs 2.6 Kg and has a 74.5 litre capacity
  • Large - 31 x 79 x 44 cm (H x L x W), weighs 2.9 Kg and has a 121.5 litre capacity

It is made from a tough polyester material. That means the duffle bag is classed as a soft shell, that is hard wearing and easy to clean.

It has two wheels, and a telescopic handle, which does make it easy to navigate, and pull along behind you.

The bag is closed by a very sturdy zipper.

This is a very good cabin bag, with loads of room inside, and is extremely smart looking.

What Buyers Say About the Samsonite Paradiver

We know that buyers rate this duffle bag well because of the buyer rating score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now let's summarise what those same buyers actually have to say about the bag itself.


  • Plenty of room inside the case
  • The colour choice is great and really looks a high quality and sophisticated choice
  • Love the Samsonite brand
  • This duffel oozes quality and has been clearly built to last
  • Versatile, sturdy and easy to pull along with quiet wheels


  • A few buyers said it was too heavy
  • Some thought it was expensive

Our Verdict on the Samsonite Paradiver

The price on this one is high, but you get a good quality duffel case from the highly respected Samsonite brand

Check Amazon UK for Availability

If this is not the case for you, then please feel free to check out our top 10 list of hard shell suitcases by clicking here, or if you prefer our top 10 list of soft sided suitcases here.

We have also done a top 10 duffel bag list, which you can read, by clicking here.

This is one I think for those who can afford to buy, this type of high quality luggage. I have to agree that this choice does have a high degree of sophistication about it. It has been very well made, and really does look the part.


Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and I love to travel. I travelled for many years with business, but these days it is thankfully all about holidays and enjoyment. Here I share everything I have learned about travel.

Enda McLarnon

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