Jeep Official Large Wheeled Bag Review

This is our UK review of the “Jeep Official” large wheeled bag, a popular choice for many UK buyers. This bag or holdall is ideal for someone who doesn’t want a suitcase and prefers the use of a large bag or holdall.

Many students prefer these, as do some Mums with younger children. This is a bag that will hold plenty of clothing, shoes etc and the key thing about this one is that it is very strong, light in weight, available in 4 different sizes and 9 different colours.

The brand is also well known and is a very good brand.

Quick Guide to the Official Jeep Bag

  • The Jeep Official Large Wheeled holdall is all about being able to hold a lot and is also super light in weight. It is built to last and is a strong, hard wearing bag
  • There are a couple of quick access pockets on the outside which are handy for those things you need in a hurry
  • The top of the bag is padded and there are very useful side carry handles.
  • It also comes with a substantial 10 year warranty.

Jeep Official wheeled BagAvailable Sizes

Size, Dimensions, Capacity and Approximate Weight & Cost

34 Inch: H87 x W38 x D36 cm, and holds 119 Litres, weighs 3.3 kg £34.99
31 Inch: H79 x W33 x D33 cm, 86 Litres, 3.2 kg £29.99
27 Inch: H69 x W31 x D31 cm, 66 Litres, 2.8 kg £24.99
29 Inch: H75 x W33 x D33 cm, 81 Litres, 3 kg £24.99


This bag comes in the following colours:

  • Black Paisley which is a print design
  • Red Paisley which is also a print design
  • Purple Paisley which is also a print design
  • Black Aqua which is a black bag with a light blue stripe
  • Black/Green which is a black bag with a green stripe
  • Black/Red which is a black bag with a red stripe
  • Plain Black
  • Plain Navy
  • Plain Red

What Buyers Think of This Jeep Bag

Overall the reviews are very positive. There are over 300 online buyer reviews available from the different online luggage websites, and other sites such as Amazon UK.

Overall they rate this bag with a customer satisfaction rating of 87%. That has been a steady and consistent rating.

They rate this one highly for the following main reasons:

  • Tough wearing so it will last a long time
  • It holds a lot so it can get heavy but the wheels help a lot – can still be heavy on stairs though like any bag or case.
  • The telescopic handle is very useful and can be adjusted to suit your height.
  • The rubber around the edges makes the bag stronger and prevent scuffing
    It is stylish and roomy

One reviewer said this,

I love the print on this case. Its a subtle pink/lilac colour. The material the case is made out of, seems strong, as do the zips. The 29″ case is very roomy.

And another said this:

I ordered this for my son who wanted something large but lighter than a case.This was cheaper than anything he had seen anywhere very pleased thank you.

8 out of 100 buyers did give this bag poor reviews compared to 66% who thought it deserved 5 star reviews. Those that complained stated slightly different complaints. Those ranged from the handle stitching started to tear, to broken zips and the fact that if the bag wasn’t filled the contents all got mixed up.

It is also worth noting that large bags are like that. They are not designed to keep clothes and belongings in place as they have no packing straps. The majority of buyers though the bag was well made and many used it for weekends away, residential camps, flight and boat trips.

Verdict & Summary

This is clearly a very good bag for people who just want a large room holdall that is light, tough and durable and will not break the bank. There are plenty of holdalls to pick from in the market place and this one ranks as good as any.

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With regards to this Jeep Official bag, we saw almost nothing to complain about and that is always a very good sign. So with all that said we are very comfortable about recommending this one to you, thanks to its high rating and high quality.


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