Our Review of the Award Winning J Pillow

This particular j Pillow was named British invention of the year in 2013. That is with some good reason. There are a lot of pillows out there on the market, that have been designed for travel. This one is however pretty unique. As you can see from the image above, it offers support for all the important places.

  • It has chin support to stop your head from falling forwards​
  • Full neck support to help avoid stiff necks
  • A spot for the back of the head ideal for flights
  • And finally even a side support, for when sitting on a sofa or chair, or when propped up against an aircraft window.

For around £16, it is also good value and it is clearly a best selling product, with plenty of great reviews. I also think it makes a great gift, if you are looking to buy someone who travels a lot, some type of present.

uses of a j pillow

Benefits of Using a J Pillow

I know from travelling a lot, that having a travel pillow is a very useful thing to have. It really does offer you a great deal of comfort, and allows you the chance to get to sleep. Rather than your head dangling and bobbing all over the place, it gets supported properly. There is nothing worse than dozing off and waking up with a stiff and sore neck.

What the Buyers Say

Some buyers take the time to leave reviews, and score them out of 5 stars. Below I have summarised those scores.


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Those ratings speak for themselves. 3 out of 4 people rate this as a 5 star product and 90% rate it 4 stars or higher. There are always a few unhappy buyers, but clearly the majority are well pleased with their purchase.

Those who did give it lower reviews offered some strange reasons. A few thought it was too big and a few said the plane window was too far away for the pillow to reach.​ On a more general note, the number of dissatisfied buyers is small, and they generally didn't think the pillow worked for them.

​How To Properly Use a J Pillow

j pillow instructions

Many travel pillows are of the inflatable type. Now I will grant that for some people these will do the job. They are cheap and cheerful, and if they get lost, then it really is no big deal. They are also a lot easier to pack. The video below is in my own opinion a very honest review of this travel pillow.

The bean bag style variety I have always found to be uncomfortable. The J Pillow certainly works best for me. I would much rather have my old head snuggled into this, than an airplane headrest and that's for sure.​

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