How to Pack Light for Travel and Never Check in Luggage

It is possible to travel with a great wardrobe, but travel light enough to avoid having to check in your luggage? Here we offer you some great tips to try and achieve just that.

This is really important given many of the restrictions that many of the airlines are now placing on baggage restrictions. Airlines do vary in what weight they will allow you to take onboard their aircrafts.

It is important to check those individual baggage allowances when you are making your booking.

The bottom line is though, that these are reducing all of the time, so the lighter you can pack the better.

In the video above you can see quite a few tips that will help you pack as lightly as possible. The trick is of course to plan this out and then get it started.

If you leave it to the last minute, then you are just going to throw as many items into a case as quickly as you can. That is never a good thing, and you will probably just hope that the weight is permissible when you arrive at the airport.

Plan Ahead

packing a suitcaseYou know when you are going on your holidays and unless it is a last minute booking, then you should have time to plan out what needs to go in your case.

You will know the location, should it be to the sunny beach, the ski slopes or an adventure holiday. Your destination will of course decide the type of clothes that you need to bring with you.

So the first part of the plan is to figure out exactly what clothes you will need. For adventure or skiing these will be a lot different to a summer holiday. They will also be a lot heavier.

The bottom line though is to count the number of days that you are going for, and then write down on a piece of paper what you would ideally like to wear everyday.

For ladies this will be different to most men. Men are generally happy to go with t-shirts, shorts and trousers and shirts and as long as they have enough clothes to last, they will not be over concerned with matching up outfits.

Now some men will of course, but most are happy enough to go with general types of clothes.

Once you have worked out what you would like to wear, then you need to do a little baggage reduction as I like to call it.

Reducing the Packing

Now I know from my two daughters and my wife that they would like to empty their wardrobe into a single suitcase. The reality is that is just not possible.

When you add in electronics, shoes, bags and make-up the weight quickly builds up. What they do is try to match outfits so as they can reduce the number of each thing they have to take.

  • So if a top matches a skirt, do other tops match the same skirt?
  • If a pair of shorts matches a t-shirt, will they match other t-shirts?

Then it becomes a process of elimination.

Weigh As You Pack

Every home should have a set of luggage scales for travel. I would recommend packing as you go and also weighing as you go. The easiest way of doing this is to pack all of the absolute essentials. Put in the make-up, electronics, must have shoes and any of that type of stuff that you can not go on holiday without.

Then add some outfits and weigh again. Then add the matching shoes and weigh again. Continue this process until you are about the weight restriction.

Now alternatively some people just pack everything in and zip up the case. Then they weigh it and remove some items until the get to the desired weight. That can work as well, however, with a little planning you can ensure you have all the vital things in, and then add the extra things that you would like.

The Heavier Items

When we travel there will be many different items that we would like to take with us. The heavier items are what really eats up your allowance. Mainly these are items like boots, shoes and the various types of footwear. If you want to make the most out of your allowance keep those to a minimum.

It is a good idea to pack light flip flop style sandals as these are good for most travel requirements. They can be worn to the beach, around the pool are and for general walking. They are also light in weight and a couple of pairs of those do not weigh a great deal.

If you need to bring a coat, then it is advised to wear it rather than pack it.

Packing Lightly For the Return Trip

If you can get to your destination and stay under the airline baggage allowance, then you do need to be careful on the return trip. It is all too easy to get a little carried away and buy various items. A great tip is to “think before you buy.”

If the item you buy is heavy then you need to take that weight into consideration. A couple of heavier items can easily put you over the allowance, and that will cost you a lot of money at the check-in.

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