Freetoo Luggage Scale Review 

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Freetoo Luggage Scale UK Review - Top Selling Portable Travel Scales

Freetoo Luggage Scale Being Used

Accurate and easy to lift

This is our UK review of the Freetoo Luggage Scale, one of the best selling portable travel scales currently available in the UK. These are accurate scales and you can weigh your luggage in either kilos or pounds weight. 

All airports in the UK use kg as their main weight, and your baggage allowance is quoted in Kg. (There are 2.2 lbs in 1 kg)

These Freetoo scales are easy to read. They are also lightweight (90 grams) so you can take them with you on your travels.

We have done a detailed review below, but for those of you who don't have time to read all of that, we have provided a short summary review just below.

Freetoo Luggage Scale Concise Review

As less than £12, and they come with an excellent 92% buyer satisfaction.

They have sold in the thousands and remain one of the most popular choice of portable travel luggage scales in the UK.

Never risk getting charged for over weight luggage again.

You can tell by the large number of reviews (42,000+) this hand scale is a huge seller in the UK.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Freetoo Luggage Scale Detailed Review

In this more detailed review, we explain in more detail about these scales. Packing for a holiday can be stressful enough, especially if you leave it to the last minute, and many of us do.

If you have ever been stung for excessive baggage allowance, then you will know the importance of not being overweight when you go to check in. The airlines charge ridiculous amounts of money if your luggage happens to be overweight.

You are usually left with three choices:

  1. Removing some of your luggage from your main case to your hand luggage
  2. Dumping some of your luggage or wearing it
  3. Paying the airline a certain price per kilo to take it onboard.

Most airlines also have a weight limit on hand luggage so option 1 is not always something that you can do. The price you will be charged does vary a lot from airline to airline, but on average it is anything between £10-20 per kilo.

None of these options are good, and you are always better off being prepared. That means checking your baggage allowance carefully for both the bag that is going in the hold, and also your hand luggage. Most airlines have a weight allowance on both types of bags.

Why Buy A Luggage Scale?

Most people can find some way of weighing their luggage at home. In most cases it can be a bit of a balancing act on a set of bathroom scales. As long as those scales are accurate and big enough to hold the cases, then you can get a good indication of the weight.

The Return Journey

This is usually where the problems happen. We go on holidays and then we buy stuff, well most of us do. It then becomes a guessing game as we try to figure out the weight of the case.

There will be certain items we may not bring back, usually things like bathroom accessories (toothpaste, deodorants etc). There may be certain items that you have bought. The bottom line is that we really don't know the weight of the case, and that case is usually packed in a hurry on departure.

Hotel Scales

If you are staying in a hotel, they may have a set of luggage scales, but it can be a bit of a hit and miss. Usually they are in the foyer so you have to bring the cases down, weigh them and then bring them back to your room.

It is either that or weight them when you are leaving the hotel, and try to rearrange things if you happen to be overweight. It can all get a bit frantic and tempers can get frayed. (I have heard the shouting between couples many times such as "I told you not to buy that.")

It is also worth mentioning that hotel scales are really not that accurate.

If you own a set of lightweight portable travel scales, then those problems go away. They are easy to use at home and also easy to take with you. They are designed to weigh cases, super easy to use and also very accurate.

Why Buy the Freetoo Luggage Scale

There are a lot of these types of scale on the UK market, so why buy this one?

Well as you can see it is a big seller, has a buyer satisfaction rating of 92%, costs under £15 and it is very accurate and very easy to use. Most buyers love the idea that you can take it with you so as you can weigh your bags once you have packed them for the homeward journey.

Freetoo Luggage Scale Specification

Easy to use, easy to read, light in weight and accurate

  • With these scales you can weigh up to 50 kg , and in terms of accuracy they are accurate with a deviation of no more than 0.01 kg. That is more than good enough for any airport scales.
  • These are also easy to read and use an LCD display. When you have to lift a heavy bag up, you don't want to be holding it for too long, so being able to read the weight quickly is very important.
  • These scales also have an  auto-lock
  • You can take these with you as they only weigh 90 grams and measure 15.3 x 8 x 3.5 cm so they don't take up much room
  • They turn off automatically so no wasting of the battery if you forget to turn the scales off and it has a low battery warning
  • They are well made, look pretty stylish and popular with buyers in the UK

What Buyers Say About the FREETOO Luggage Scale

In this section we look at what buyers have to say when they have bought the scales, used them and then taken the time to leave a review. This information is available at  a range of online websites such as Amazon.

Here at Luggage News we check those reviews out so as you don't have to, and then we summarise the information. That hopefully will save you time searching through and making sense of the many reviews.

We have put that together in the Pros and Cons table just below.


  • 77 out of 100 buyers gave this the full 5 star review treatment
  • 2 out of 100 buyers gave this a bad review
  • Overall he buyer satisfaction rate was 92%

  • Buyers said it was compact, clear to read and accurate
  • Frequent travellers said that they would not go away without these portable scales
  • Buyers also said these can save you a fortune and/or embarrassment at the aiport
  • Buyers have recommended this to their friends and family
  • The housing is made of plastic
  • Received a faulty product
  • Worked for a few months and then stopped working

If this is not the scale for you, then you can check out our list of the top 5 luggage scales by clicking here.

This Freetoo is a good option, that sells well and it does get a very high buyer satisfaction rating.


Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and I love to travel. I travelled for many years with business, but these days it is thankfully all about holidays and enjoyment. Here I share everything I have learned about travel.

Enda McLarnon

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