Dunlop Unisex Trolley Suitcase Review

This is our review of the Dunlop Unisex trolley suitcase.I thought that I should include this suitcase from Dunlop, as it is very popular with many buyers online. That comes down to two main reasons:

  1. Great low cost and affordable price
  2. Light in weight

Apart from both of those this suitcase also looks classy.

Size of the Suitcase

The good news is there are 5 different sizes and I have put beside those the average prices so as you can see those at a glance: Please note though that the different sizes are not always available. The two most popular ones are though and those are the 19″ and the 26″ ( 49 cm and 66 cm options)

suitcase sizes

  • 19″ (49 cm) 2.2 Kg – £9.99 – holds 22 litres
  • 22″ (57 cm) 2.5 Kg – £12.00 – holds 34 litres
  • 26″ (66 cm) 3.0 Kg- £14.99 – holds 52 litres
  • 30″ (76 cm) 3.5 Kg- £16.50 – holds 78 litres
  • 34″ (86 cm) 3.6 Kg- 2.2 Kg £17.50 – holds 110 litres

That is a nice variety and at those prices you could afford to get a couple of them. In terms of what they can hold, each case has an extra zip that can be opened up for an extra 30% capacity on each suitcase, should you need that.

You can check availability at Amazon UK by clicking here

Case Features

This is classed as a trolley suitcase and has a large main compartment for your clothes. It has two front compartments as well which are opened and close using a zip. It has a side handle for lifting and an extendable handle on the top.

It also has an inner mesh compartmentThis case has two wheels for pulling along.

They also give you a free padlock which is a nice touch.

One buyer had this to say about the Dunlop suitcase range,

I got 3 of these due to them being cheap and having good reviews. They didn’t disappoint, for the price the biggest one is huge and reasonably light. They are sturdy and well built.
For the price I don’t think you will find better.

That is a good review in my opinion. No they are not the best quality in the market, but they are cheap and do a good job. Buyers have rated these at an average 84% buyer satisfaction rating, and that is a very good rating from well over 200 online buyer reviews.

Just remember if you decide to buy one of these that they are not designer top of the range cases. For those you will pay from around £75 and upwards. This range of Dunlop cases are basic and functional. So if you are on a budget or a frequent traveller, then for this price, it is pretty hard to beat.

What Buyers Liked About the Dunlop Case

  • Cheap and cheerful and do the job well
  • Light in weight
  • A good choice if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a case

What Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Not as big a depth as they expected
  • Falls over when packed

Check at Amazon UK

So as you can see, a good enough basic case that is affordable and overall will not break the budget. If you would like to see more soft sided suitcases, then please click here. You can also check out our top 10 list of soft sided suitcase sets by clicking here.

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Generally speaking though buyers understand that this Dunlop case is not a top of the range case. That said it is of good quality and at an affordable price. It is also a good choice for anyone going on a holiday with a restricted weight allowance.

Many cases already weigh quite a lot even before you pack. This one weighs around 2.2 kg and that is considered to be in the light range for cases of this type. There is no hard support built into this case such as plastic or metal runners in the case. That means that the actual case cover is what supports the weight of the clothes inside.

That means that the cover can tear as a result of the combination of weight and they way it is handled by baggage handlers at the airport.

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