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Ten Travel Tips for Hong Kong

10 Useful Travellers Tips to Hong KongHong Kong, as many of you will know is an international city. It is always a popular tourist destination, and as such vast numbers of tourists come from all over the world. This is an all year round city destination. According to the Tourist Commission, the average the number of […]

What is the Safest Seat in an Airplane?

What is the Safest Seat in an Airplane?Now not every single person  who travels in an aircraft will ask the question, “What is the safest seat in an airplane?” However some people do have concerns about flying and they like to minimise the risks as much as they can. QUICK & FAST ANSWER The simple answer to […]

Helpful Flying Tips for the Disabled

10 Flying Tips for Disabled PeopleIn this article we wanted to offer some flying tips for those who may have a disability. As many of us will know, disabilities come in many different forms. These basic tips should however be helpful for almost all of those. One things is certain, and that is that we all […]

Best Skiing Resorts in Austria

This is my favourite country in the world to ski in, and in my opinion, nothing quite beats Austria when it comes to having a skiing holiday. If you have never been, then I can thoroughly and highly recommend a trip to this most wonderful country. Many class Austria as the world famous home of skiing, […]

What Happens to Your Banned Belongings at Airport Security

If you have recently taken a flight or plan to, the chances are you have seen plenty of information on the latest air travel rules. In most airports these days you will see a list of items that are prohibited or banned from being taken on an airline. In almost all cases these apply to your […]

European Skiing Destinations from the UK

When it comes to any type of skiing and indeed winter sports, Europe has more than its fair share of amazing resorts. These do of course vary a lot in price from the downright luxurious and expensive, to the more reasonably priced holiday options. Europe however pretty much has it all, and has a lot  to […]

Travel Tips for Ireland

If you are planning a trip to Ireland or a holiday in Ireland, then here are some useful travelling tips that you may well find useful.‚ÄčAbout Ireland – Weather Outlook‚ÄčThe summers are warm (not hot) and the winters are moderate. You may sometimes get a little snow though it can be unpredictable. If you do […]

What Is The Cigarette Allowance for UK Travel?

Does anyone understand the UK allowance for cigarettes when travelling? I used to but these days they have made this about as complicated as it could possibly be. Now if you don’t smoke you probably could not care less, but for those of us that do, then boy can this get confusing. I thought I would […]

How to Pack Light for Travel and Never Check in Luggage

It is possible to travel with a great wardrobe, but travel light enough to avoid having to check in your luggage? Here we offer you some great tips to try and achieve just that. This is really important given many of the restrictions that many of the airlines are now placing on baggage restrictions. Airlines […]