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How Business Travellers Stay Healthy

It would be fair to say that it is easier to stay healthy at home than when you are on the road. That is simply because travel interrupts your routine of sleep, diet, exercise and your general environment. As a result, your body does not function as normal. This can lead to different problems such as […]

Average Cost of Business Travel in the UK

Ever wondered what the average cost of business travel in the UK is? If so, hopefully I can give you some idea of this expense. I think it is fair to state at the outset, that this differs a lot between Corporate travel and that for smaller businesses. It is also worth pointing out that business […]

Great Business UK Travel Tips

For many years I travelled regularly as part of my normal day to day work. I thought it would be helpful to include some great business travel tips that I picked up over the years. My reason for those business trips varied quite a bit. They could be as simple as a meeting, for training, and […]

Business Travel Luggage Options

The clever business traveller will always try to travel light for a number of reasons including security, economy and mobility. For short trips including same day trips they will want to keep luggage to a minimum and travel only with hand luggage. That helps a lot in getting through the tedious but necessary airport security, and also […]

What To Take On A Business Trip

In this article I will make some suggestions on what to take on a business trip. Many of us have to travel away for work. While some people may enjoy that, the reality is that most people know it is something they have to do, rather then something they want to do. Business travellers range […]