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Slotra Slim Laptop Backpack Review

Slotra Slim Anti-theft Backpack ReviewThis backpack from the Slotra brand is one of the most popular anti-theft backpacks currently being sold in the UK.  The two main reasons for that is:the keen price point, (under £30)and the high quality of this bag. (92% buyer satisfaction rating)Backpacks like this one are of course all about helping […]

Cabin Max Backpack Carry On Bag Review

Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved Carry On Bag Review The Cabin Max backpack is probably the biggest ever selling bag, that is used for a carry on style bag. That is primarily down to the fact that it can be used on Easyjet, Ryanair and the other budget airlines in the UK and Europe. The […]

Bobby Anti Theft Backpack Review

Bobby Anti-theft Backpack ReviewThe Bobby branded anti-theft backpack is an expensive option for anyone wanting to buy a backpack that is secure, and helps keep thieves and robbers away from your precious items. There is no access at the front of this backpack, and it also has hidden zippers and hidden pockets. It is these types […]

Anti Theft Backpack

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks UK ReviewsThere are so many pick pockets in the UK, that is is hard to determine, just how many thefts there are in a year. The majority of these happen in areas where large groups of people assemble. Typically tube and rail stations, airports, bus stations, ports etc. The city centres and […]

Best Backpack for Air Travel

Best Backpacks for Air TravelOver the years you do gain a lot of wisdom. If you like to take a backpack when travelling then the choice you make will ultimately define the success of your travels. I have travelled to many places and over they years I have gone through my fair share of backpacks. Now […]

Eastpak Padded Pak’r Backpack Review

The Eastpak Padded Pak’r Backpack is one of the best selling backpacks in the UK market right now. This is a very good brand, and if you are someone who wants a good quality backpack, then this one should tick many of your boxes. In this article we do a full review so as you know exactly […]