Cabin Max Backpack Carry On Bag Review 

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Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Cabin Max Metz Backpack. This backpack is probably their biggest ever selling bag, that is used for a carry on style bag. That is primarily down to the fact that it can be used on most budget airlines in the UK and Europe, especially Ryanair.

The Cabin Max backpack is flight approved, measures 40 x 25 x 20 cm and only weighs 500 grams. In other words it meets all the budget airlines size restrictions, and it is light in weight to begin with. It has a 20 litre capacity, and that also means you can get a lot of clothes and other belongings into it.

As you may already know some airlines don't have any weight restrictions with their carry on bags, and this one can pack plenty in. So you tick many of the boxes if you own this one, and it can also be easily carried on the shoulders, which of course helps keep your hands free to do other things.

Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved Carry On Bag UK Review

Cabin Max Backpack Details

So we already know the basics, and the other good news about this popular backpack, is that it comes in a range of 11 colours. We will not bore you with them all here, but suffice to say there should be at least one colour to suit your own tastes. The black colour remains the most popular as that colour can be used by anyone.

It has adjustable shoulder straps, and these are also padded so as they feel comfortable on your shoulders. There are also side straps to tighten up the pack, and inside there are internal packing straps. They of course help hold things in place.

The bag is then complemented with 3 zipped main compartments, and a couple more zipped ones on the inside. To round the package off, this pack comes with a 3 year guarantee, offering peace of mind.

We think it is also worth pointing out, that it is made from a very durable polyester, which makes it easy to wipe clean. That material is also really durable, and with some care, should last you a long time.

How Buyers Rate this Backpack

Buyer Satisfactions
  • Gets a 90% buyer satisfaction based on over 6,000 online buyer reviews
  • 70% of those  buyers gave this a full 5 star review
  • 4% of all buyers gave this backpack a poor review

It is always worth considering these reviews as they are left by those buyers who have actually bought and used the bag. They have then taken the time to leave a review. When you see thousands of buyer reviews, and a very high customer satisfaction rating of 92%, then you should know that you will own a high quality product, should you decide to but this one from the Cabin Max brand.

What Buyers say about this Backpack


  • Great for packing lots of stuff into
  • The straps around the side keeps everything really secure and stops the contents from shifting around
  • The padding on the straps is a major plus as it stops any thinner style or canvas style straps digging into the shoulders
  • Almost every buyers says that this bag lasts for ages, despite what you can throw at it
  • Many buyers say this one holds more than enough for a long weekend, and many buyers have been able to pack enough in for something like a week in Spain or elsewhere in Europe


  • A few buyers said the bag can be heavy when full 
  • A few buyers said the stitching came away at the side under a heavy load
  • A few buyers received a damaged bag and had to get it quickly replaced

Our Verdict on the Cabin Max Metz Backpack

We are never going to argue with a bag that has such a high satisfaction rating, given to it by thousands of very satisfied buyers. This is a popular and affordable choice for many UK travelers. We think it will remain so for many years to come.

This bag is officially known as the "Metz backpack" and it is by quite a distance, the most popular in the Cabin Max collection. It is the perfect size for the hand luggage restrictions of the most popular budget airlines - such as EasyJet, Ryanair and Monarch.

Add to this the fact that this is a very lightweight bag at just 660 grams means you can pack your hand luggage to its capacity and avoid paying those extra check-in baggage costs.

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If however this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of the very best carry on luggage by clicking here. This one however, in the backpack style anyway, will be very hard to beat in terms of quality and value for money. If you travel, and especially if you do short trips, and just want the convenience of taking hand luggage only, then we think this one is great value for money.


Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and I love to travel. I travelled for many years with business, but these days it is thankfully all about holidays and enjoyment. Here I share everything I have learned about travel.

Enda McLarnon

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