How Business Travellers Stay Healthy

It would be fair to say that it is easier to stay healthy at home than when you are on the road. That is simply because travel interrupts your routine of sleep, diet, exercise and your general environment.

As a result, your body does not function as normal. This can lead to different problems such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia, upset stomachs, allergies and emotional stress. This article will help show how business travellers stay healthy

Stay Hydrated

​The most important thing that you can do is to stay hydrated. This is even more important when travelling. By staying hydrated, your mind and body benefit and you avoid many potential problems such as headache and fatigue.

After you get through security at an airport I would recommend having an extra bottle of water in your bag to carry aboard the plane.

​Pick Your Food Wisely

​Food can be a big source of illness when travelling, especially in foreign countries. When travelling in the UK it is not normally a big problem. I would recommend that you avoid eating heavily. Eating a large meal can leave you feeling bloated and also make you want to sleep.

It is better to eat small amounts on a more regular basis.Most people don’t pig out on junk food at the office. It is very tempting to live on snack bars and bar food when travelling. I normally buy some fruit when travelling and it is good to nibble on that throughout the day.

​Booze and Coffee

​I would recommend that you always avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both are diuretics and will keep you going to the bathroom unnecessarily. Not many people know that when on a flight, one drink in the air can act like two on the ground. If you must attend a gathering at the bar, never be the last to leave.

​Rest & Sleep

​With normal living getting rest and a good night’s sleep is vital. When travelling it is even more important to get plenty of rest and sleep. If you are a light sleeper try and get an hotel room a couple of floors away from all the parties, or nightclubs. I also highly recommend that you request a room away from the lifts and ice machines.


​I know it is not always possible, especially on a short trip, to get some form of exercise in. It would also be fair to say that a healthy traveller is a more fit and productive traveller. Most hotels these days will have health spa or a gym.

​General Health Guidelines

​Wash your hands frequently and avoid any co-worker who is sick. Take some basic medicines with you such as plasters, headache tablets, indigestion tablets etc.  Anything that can help you sleep such as ear buds or a blindfold can also be useful.I also like to take time to relax and read or watch an in-room movie.

I will summarise this by saying that if you stay hydrated, eat sensibly and relax when you get the chance, then your travelling will be a great deal easier.

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