Best Packing Cubes UK - Great Packing Ideas for Travel

In this article I will be reviewing what are the best packing cubes according to UK buyers. I will be having a closer look at what is available on the UK market, and what benefits there are in buying these.

Thinking of buying some packing cubes? If so, then I believe this article will really help you out. I am by nature a well organised person and never really considered using packing cubes as an option. Mainly that was down to the fact that they added extra weight which I really didn't want.

I borrowed a set of these from a friend to try and understand why I might use them. Her words to me were, "Just treat the cubes like "mini-drawers. Lift your clothes from the suitcase, into the dresser drawer or wardrobe."

You can also just put the cubes inside the closet and drawers and avoid the clutter in your hotel room. There is no longer any need to live off your luggage and you can also locate any item easily.

That simple suggestion changed my mind and I think it is worth your consideration if you want to have a frustration free packing holiday.

Top 10 Packing Cubes by Buyer Rating

We have listed below the top 10 packing cubes. We have placed these in order by overall buyer satisfaction rating.

All of these have buyer satisfaction rates that are very high, so any set on this list is very high quality according to the reviews left, and the ratings given to them by real life UK buyers.

If you click on any of the links below you will be taken to a short and concise review on each of the products listed below.

  1. G4Free Packing Cubes Value Set for Travel
  2. Bago Packing Cubes 4pcs Value Set for Travel
  3. Aizbo 7 Set Packing Cubes Travel Organisers​
  4. AmazonBasics Packing Cubes
  5. Gonex Packing Cubes Travel Luggage Organizers
  6. eBags Medium Packing Cubes 
  7. 8 Pieces Packing Cubes Value Set for Travel
  8. PRO Packing Cubes | 6 Piece Travel Packing Cube Value Set
  9. FOREGOER Packing Cubes Travel Luggage Organizers Set
  10. ZOMAKE Packing Cubes

No 1 Choice - G4Free Packing Cubes Value Set for Travel - 6pcs Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Without any doubt these are the number one choice for most UK travellers, with the cubes at number two spot challenging G4Free closely. This is a 6 piece set and the sets come in a variety of colours that include light blue, dark blue, black, purple, and pink.

They are made from a nylon fabric designed to resist wear and tear. They also have good quality zippers and a very useful see through mesh top. 

The set consists of 6 cubes:

  • 1 Large Cube (45 x 32 x 7.5CM)
  • 2 large Cubes (40 x 26 x 7.5CM)
  • 2 Medium Cubes (29 x 17 x 7.5CM)
  • 1 Small Cube (24 x 12 x 7.5CM)

This allows you to share the bags with other family members, so that each member of the family can have his/her own coloured cubes.

These cubes also help protect your clothes and luggage from an damage when travelling and also from any spills. Having cubes also helps you quickly rearrange the weight of bags in the airport if you need to do that quickly because of baggage allowances.

Check My Full Detailed Review by Clicking Here​G4Free Packing Cubes Review​​​

No 2 Choice - Bago Packing Cubes 4pcs Value Set for Travel Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

These are another hot seller and are neck and neck with the one shown above. They are available in a very wide range of colours which include, blue/purple/orange, black, black/blue, black/deep blue, black/pink, grey, green, orange, pink. purple and red.

Please note this is a 4 piece set.

The set consists of:

  • 2 large cubes(40 x 30 x 10 cm)
  • 2 medium cubes (34 x 22 x 10 cm)

The Bago company offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. These are made from lightweight nylon and the cubes have zippers and pull strings.

No 3 Choice - Aizbo 7 Set Packing Cubes Travel Organisers Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

This is probably the best value for money set. With this one you get 7 cubes for a very affordable price. They only come in this one colour shown to the left and that is a grey colour with a teal stitching trim.

These have been designed to fit perfectly into most airline carry-on suitcases, weekender bags, holdalls and travel duffel bags.

This set consists of:

  • 2 x Power line bags - 26 x 9 x 4 cms (10.23 x 3.54 x 1.57 inches)
  • 2 x Underwear bags - 32.5 x 23 cms (12.79" x 9")
  • 1 x Digital Accessories Bag
  • 1 x Shoes Bag - 35 x 20 x 12 cms (13.78 x 7.87 x 4.72 inches)
  • 1 x Toiletry Bag - 30 x 12.5 x 6.5 cms (11.8 x 4.92 x 2.56 inches)

No 4 Choice - AmazonBasics Packing Cubes Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

If you want to try a set of packing cubes, then I suggest that this affordable set from Amazon Basics is the way to go.

They have double zippers with pull strings for easy opening and closing, and also a mesh on top so as you can easily see what is inside. There is also a carrying handle on each item.

This set includes:

  • 1 large (44 x 32 x 8 cm [17.5 x 12.75 x 3.25 inches]) (L x W x H)
  • 1 medium (35 x 25 x 8 cm [13.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches]) (L x W x H)
  • 1 mall (28 x 17 x 8 cm [11 x 6.75 x 3 inches]) (L x W x H)
  • 1 slim (7 x 36 x 13 cm [2.8 x 14 x 5 inches]) (L x W x H)

No 5 Choice - Gonex Packing Cubes Travel Luggage Organizers Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Similar to the set above this is also a set of 4. They are available in the following colours, green, blue, tangerine, and yellow.

These are lightweight and made from a durable honeycomb RipStop nylon fabric. They have double zips which do make opening/closing simple and fast.
There is also a handle on each item

The set includes 4 slim packs and each measures (35x13x9 cm /13.8x5.1x3.54 inches)

No 6 Choice - eBags Medium Packing Cubes Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

These are also very popular with UK buyers and it is a 3 piece set. They are available in a variety of colours which include aubergine, grey, red, aquamarine, canary yellow, denim, peony pink, and tangerine.

They come with a lifetime guarantee and have zippers with a pull cord, along with mesh tops.

This is a set of 3 and each item measures 34.9 cm X 24.8 cm X 7.6 cm (13.75" X 9.75"X 3")

No 7 Choice - 8 Pieces Packing Cubes Value Set for Travel Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

If you are looking bumper value for money, then this set might be a very good option for you. The pieces are made from a waterproof nylon fabric with double zips and they also fold up small.

This is a good choice to store clothes, lingerie, shoes, toothbrushes, towels, toiletries and electronics accessories. They are available in grey, blue, navy, blue stripe, lake blue, pink and pink stripe.

The set includes:

  • 3 x Mesh cubes - XL (15.7" x 12.2" x 4.7") Large (12.6" x 10.2" x 4.7") and Medium (11.8" x 8.9" x 4.7")
  • 1 x cloth bag (11.4" x 7.9" x 4.7")
  • 1 x shoe bag (13.8" x 8.3")
  • 2 x drawstring bags Medium (14" x 6.3") and small (10.2" x 6.3")
  • 1 x small pouch (9.8" x 6.7")

No 8 Choice - PRO Packing Cubes Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Another set that gets really high ratings and from a leading specialist luggage brand. These are available in the following colours, graphite, aqua blue, hot pink, multi-colours and silver.

These are ultra lightweight and made from rip-stop nylon with YKK Zippers and reinforced seams They have a see through mesh for easy viewing of contents.

The set consists of:

  • 1 x Large Size (17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25") - great for jumpers, sweaters, light jackets, skirts, trousers and towels
  • 3 x Medium Size (13.75" x 9.75" x 3") - ideal for shorts, shirts, and blouses
  • 2 x Slim Size (9" x 3.75" x 3") - perfect for shoes, underwear, cables, gym gear, toiletries adapters and other small accessories.

No 9 Choice - FOREGOER Packing Cubes Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Another popular brand and another popular buy for many UK buyers. This is a 6 piece set of good quality.

They are made from a lightweight nylon fabric and are water resistant. There is also a see through Mesh to identify your clothes without opening the bag and also help to ventilate the contents.

They are available in black, blue, dark blue, purple and grey.

All bags are able to fit into your 28 inch suitcase. Several for 20 to 24 inch carry-on suitcases, backpacks, totes and duffle bags.

  • 2 x Extra Large: 17.5 x 12.75 x 4 inches
  • 1 x Large: 13.75 x 12.75 x 4 inches
  • 1 x Medium: 13.75 x 9.75 x 4 inches
  • 1 x Small: 11 x 6.75 x 4 inches
  • 1 x laundry bag 19.5 x 15.75 inches

No 10 Choice - ZOMAKE Packing Cubes Concise Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Last but not least on my top 10 list is this 5 piece set from the brand ZOMAKE. They are available in blue, black, green and grey.

They are made from a lightweight water-resistant and durable TechLife Diamond material. They also have reinforced seams with YKK zippers for a lifetime of opening and closing.

The set consists of:

  • 1 x Extra Large(17.3" x 12.6" x 3.5")
  • 1 x Large (14.6" x 13.8" x 3.5")
  • 1 x Medium (13.8 x 9.8 x 3.5)
  • 1 x Small (10.6" x 6.7" x 3.5")
  • 1 x Laundry bag (13.8 x 11.8)

Packing Cube Buyer's Guide

In this packing cube buying guide I will offer you some tips if you are thinking about buying a set of these. There are a few cleaver and helpful packing gadgets such as zip lock bags, which are great for make-up, toiletries, camera leads etc.

There are also packing envelopes which I think are worth some consideration as well. For any of this type of packing gadget though, I think it comes down to how much you want to get and stay organised.

Packing cubes are certainly one very good way of achieving that, and especially if you happen to be the family packer. Some people will use the larger cube to hold the dirty laundry once it is unpacked of course. Other people then use the smaller cubes for packing their smalls. maybe for electronic gadgets etc.

There is no set way for making good use of these. People use these for different reasons.

Staying in Different Places

If you are on a holiday where you may be staying in different hotels or at different locations packing cubes can make those transitions a great deal easier. Some people will pack one cube for a destination, and another for a different destination.

If for example you were going on a city/beach holiday, then packing different types of clothes in separate cubes does make a lot of sense.

Family Members & Children

If you are travelling as a family, then some people use their packing cubes so as each person ha their own cube. That saves you a lot of time and a whole lot of questions such as "Where is my swimsuit?, Have you seen my burgundy shorts? etc"

This is good for families with babies, toddlers and teenagers.

Wrinkle Free and Stain Free

Cubes can also save your clothes from stains, wrinkles and damages while travelling. If you have ever arrived at your destination with your bikini or shorts covered in sun cream that has opened during the flight, then you will know what I mean. 

They don't completely get rid of wrinkles but they do help a lot.

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