Best Hard Shell Suitcase Sets UK Reviews 2021

In this article we review what we believe to be some of the best hard shell suitcase sets, currently available on the UK market. Buying a set of suitcases, rather than individual cases usually will help save you some money.

That is because the manufacturers and luggage brands, can offer a number of their products at once, and they bundle those together in offers. Personally I think it is also nice where possible, to have matching luggage, in that your hand luggage and your hold luggage look the same.

Sets can also work well for a couple who may need a couple of cases for the hold, and a couple of hand luggage or carry-on bags or cases. They can also work well for families where there is one extra large case, a large one and some hand luggage options.

Types of Hard Shell Suitcases

You can buy suitcase sets in either a soft side version, or a hard side version.  The softer side style is usually cheaper to buy, but that varies quite a bit depending on the actual travel brand that you like. If you want to read about soft side suitcase sets, then please click here.

In this article though we are checking out the hard shell suitcase sets. You can buy these sets in different number of pieces such as a 2 piece set, 3 piece, 4 piece etc. It really does depend on your exact needs for travelling.

To try and make your search that little bit easier, we have done our research for those that have attracted the highest buyer ratings. We have then sorted those into 2 piece, 3 piece etc. Hopefully that should make your final decision a little bit easier.

Best 2 Piece Hard Shell Suitcase Sets

We looked around online and found an interesting collection of 2 piece sets. These can be a useful option as in having two matching cases or something like a piece of hand luggage and a piece of hold luggage.

No 1 Choice - Fochier Luggage Set 2 Pieces Expandable Hard Shell Luggage Suitcase


This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 98%.  It will be hard to find a set of 2 hard shell suitcases with a higher buyer rating than that. These are from a high end brand and they do make very high quality cases.

If you can find these for under £100 then you have got a very good deal in the making. They come with a 2-year warranty.

They are made from an ABS hard shell material and have multi-directional spinner wheels. They also have a TSA secure lock and telescopic handles.

They are available in three colours, dark gray, dark blue and green. The 2 cases are 20" and 24" and weigh 2.78 kg and 3.69 kg respectively. 

Fochier is a new brand that is one of the designer brands in the luggage industry.

No 2 Choice - Antler Camden 2 Piece Suitcase Set


This set of cases are from the high end Antler brand. This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 95%.  They are expensive cases but they do come with a 10-year warranty, which should give buyers some strong peace of mind.

As you can see from the image these are a nice looking set in a red colour with a high shine finish. These are tough durable and light cases and are made from a polycarbonate shell.
They come with a fixed TSA combination lock.

They have a double wheel system (4 wheels) with 360 degree rotating wheels.

These are suitable for any type of travel such as air, cruise and road trip travel.

An expensive option but buyers do like these.

No 3 Choice - Aerolite ABS Hard Shell Lightweight 4 Wheel Carry On Cabin


This one came out as one of the best, as it is a popular quality brand, and this is a good choice for travelling couples. Buyers have given this one a buyer satisfaction rating of 90%, which is a real top notch rating.

This 2 piece set is available in a variety of colours that includes charcoal, golden blue, golden silver, golden silver and charcoal, golden silver and wine, golden wine, rose gold and rose gold and charcoal.

It is a hard shell style and it is also lightweight. Each case has 4 spinner wheels and a 3 digit combination barrel padlock for additional security.

These are 21" cases that weigh 2.5 kg and have a 33 litre capacity.

This set sells quite a lot and as you can see we think it represents very good value for money. It is also clear that buyers really like this set as you can tell by the very high buyer satisfaction rating. They are strong and light with an ABS shell that is very durable and tough.

No 4 Choice - Aerolite 21" ABS Hard Shell & 2nd Bag Holdall


This is a very affordable option from the Aerolite brand. It is a 2-piece matching luggage set designed to meet the specific needs of the Ryanair baggage allowance. That makes this suitcase set a popular choice. As you can see overall buyers rate this set with an 88% buyer satisfaction rating.

  • The suitcase measures 55x35x20 cm, weighs 2.5 kg and has a 33 litre capacity
  • The holdall measures 35x20x20 cm, weighs 0.9 kg and has a 14 litre capacity (this is the exact Ryanair Second Carry On Hand Luggage Allowance Size)

The suitcase has a retractable handle, packing straps, shoe pockets and a 3-digit combination padlock. The holdall has ABS Shell front and rear panels that offer good protection, a storage compartment, mounting strap, shoulder strap and a handle.

The majority of buyers said that this is a very good cabin luggage suitcase . They are accepted by Ryanair and other airlines such as Easyjet.  They roll smoothly and are an ideal choice for something like a 3-day trip.

The smaller bag is handy for things that you may need during the flight. The fact that it has a hard shell gives great protection for important items like your kindle, camera, etc.

No 5 Choice - Aerolite Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Hold


This is another choice from Aerolite and as you can see from the image below. These are two cases and one is a 25" case which is wine coloured and the other is a 29" case in a nice silver colour. Like the set above this one also has 4 spinner wheels and a 3 digit combination barrel lock.

This set comes with a 5-year guarantee. 

  • The 25" case weighs 3.85 kg and has an 84 litre capacity
  • The 29" case weighs 4.85 kg and has a 131 litre capacity

These cases have packing straps, a shoe compartment, telescopic handles and a zip closure. The outer casings are made from a tough ABS hard shell material.

There are high quality zippers on the main body of the cases.

A few buyers said that they had problems with the wheels falling off, but that was for a small percentage of the buyers. For those that did they got a full refund. The price on this set is very good and they are also useful sizes to own. There is plenty of room inside and the packing straps do help keep things neat and tidy.

Best 3 Piece Hard Shell Suitcase Sets

In this section we look at the top rated 3 piece suitcase sets. I have included my top five 3-piece luggage sets below.

  • Vesgantti Lightweight Suitcase Hardshell Travel Luggage
  • Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case
  • AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage Spinner
  • VonHaus Luggage Set of 3 ABS Lightweight Hard Shell Suitcase
  • Fochier Luggage 3 Piece Set Expandable

No 1 Choice - Vesgantti Lightweight 3pcs Set Hard Shell


This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 91%.  These are ABS hard shell with a light and flexible surface that helps to avoid cracking if they are dropped, or heavy weight is set on top of them. They come with a combination lock, 360 degree spinner wheels, and a nice matte shell appearance.

The three cases are:

  • 28 inch - 49x29x76 cm, weighs 4,2 kg with a 92 litre capacity
  • 24 inch - 42x26x66 cm, weighs 3.8 kg with a 59 litre capacity
  • 20 inch - 35x23x56 cm, weighs 2.8 kg with a 31 litre capacity

    The interiors have a divider pad and also zipped mesh pouches. There are also packing straps with a flexible buckle to keep your belongings tidy.

The cases also have a combination lock, low noise wheels, a side handle and a retractable pulling handle. These have been designed for those who like to own tasteful cases that will last for a very long time. The smaller one if used on its own is perfect for weekend trips.

No 2 Choice - Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case


This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 90%.  These are expensive cases but they do come from the leading Antler brand, one of the highest quality brands in the UK. These cases come in different colours that include black, grey, navy, purple, red, green, turquoise and yellow.

There are 3 cases in this set as follows:

  • Small - 56 cm and 40 litre capacity
  • Medium - 68 cm and 70 litre capacity
  • Large 79 cm and 110 litre capacity

This set is actually an iconic design, and is now a global best-seller. They have a tough and  durable shell. They also have complete maneuverability, with 360 degree rotating wheels which give you effortless control.

These are made from a very tough polypropylene material, and they come with a TSA approved combination lock. These cases use a lightweight locking trolley system. They also have 360 degree rotating wheels, with an Interior pocket and packing straps.

The good news is that these come with a 10 Year Warranty. These are very high quality cases.

No 3 Choice - AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage Spinner


This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 90%.  This is a popular choice for many buyers who want a high quality luggage set but still at a good value for money price point. This type of set is ideal to own and suits a number of different types of trips.

They are available in three colours which are black, burnt orange, light blue and navy blue.

There are three cases:

  • 56 cm (22")
  • 69 cm (27")
  • 79 cm (31")

These cases have a protective hard shell with a scratch-resistant finish. These are made of an extra-thick ABS for extra strength and durability. They are fully lined and have a divider, an interior organiser with 3 zipped pockets for storing smaller items.

They are expandable, have a telescopic handle and 4 double spinner wheels.

According to buyers these cases are sturdy and the large one can hold a lot of clothes, especially when expanded. The quality of construction is also very good. Buyers really seem to like the burnt orange colour.

No 4 Choice - VonHaus Luggage Set of 3 ABS Lightweight Hard Shell Suitcases


This is a set of lightweight cases made from strong ABS Hard Shell Plastic. They have four 360° spinner wheels and come with a combination lock. They come with a manufacturer 2 Year Warranty. 

This set of three cases:

  • Cabin Case: H55 x W37 x D21cm including wheels, Weight: 2.5 kg Capacity: 35 Litres
  • Medium Case: H65.5 x W45 x D25.5cm including wheels, Weight: 3.2 kg Capacity: 55 Litres
  • Large Case: H75 x W52.5 x D30cm including wheels, Weight: 4.2 kg Capacity: 91 Litres
They are available in a very attractive champagne colour and also in a silver colour.

The set includes three sizes: large, medium and a small cabin case that’s designed for carry-on – but don’t forget to check against your airline’s rules to ensure it falls within their allowances.

No 5 Choice - Fochier Luggage 3 Piece Set Expandable ABS+PC Hard Shell Cases


This set of cases has achieved a buyer satisfaction rating of 88%.  These are available in some different colours which include black, blue, green, red and silver. They are made from ABS&PC material, that is durable and waterproof. They are also highly resistant to scratching.

The set includes:

  • 20 inch=22" x 14" x 9" /6.8 lbs
  • 24 inch=26"x 16" x 11" /8.0 lbs
  • 28 inch=29.5"x 19"x 12"/10.9 lb
These cases are expandable by up to 25%. They also come with a 2-year warranty. This is a new and exciting brand.

The smaller case can be used as carry on luggage. They do have a TSA approved lock. They come with packing straps useful to keep your clothes in place, and hopefully neat and tidy.

Best 4  or More Piece Hard Shell Suitcase Sets

No 1 Choice - 2060 Travel Suitcase Set Trolley Luggage Set

  • Each case has 4 large double castor wheels for easy movement
  • Available in butterfly or leopard designs
  • These are available in a set of 3 or a set of 4
  • The cases stack together for easy storage
  • They are made from ABS
  • Each case has a double handle and an integrated combination lock
  • Size XL Measures 75X50X29 cm, weighs 4.8 kg with a 115 litre capacity
  • Size LMeasures 66X43X26 cm, weighs 4.2 kg with a 70 lire capacity
  • Size M Measures 56X36X23 cm, weighs 3.2 kg with a 45 litre capacity
  • Beauty Case Measures 33X32X17 cm, weighs 0.8 kg with a 10 litre capacity

No 2 Choice - Vojagor Set of 4 Hard SHell Trolley Suitcases

  • Each case has strong rubber wheels which can spin through 360 degrees
  • They also have an integrated combination lock for good security
  • A set like this really does provide a lot of storage
  • They can be expanded by using a zipper
  • Each case can also fit easily inside the next size up to make for easy and space saving storage when not in use, or when at the hotel
  • These sell really well and are affordable for such a large set of suitcases.
  • There is also a side handle on each case
  • Each case also has a telescopic handle for wheeling around the airports
  • size XL dimensions (l/w/h): 48/28/70 cm, weight 4.7 kg and 100 litres capacity
  • size L dimensions (l/w/h):  41/23/60 cm, weight. 3. 7 kg and 71 litres capacity
  • size M dimensions (l/w/h): 34/20/50 cm, weight 2.95 kg  and  44  litres capacity
  • size S dimensions (l/w/h): 32/22/40 cm, weight 2.3 kg and 32  litres capacity