Best Duffle Bags UK Reviews

On this page we review what we believe to be the best duffle bags for travelling for UK buyers. There are a whole range of these available from all of the leading luggage brands. We have picked out what we think are the best. These cover a wide range of prices. Hopefully you will be able to find one to suit your budget.

We check out duffle bags suitable for air travel, duffle bags with wheels, and for carry on luggage. These types of duffle bags can also be used for going to the gym, swimming or for sports such as cricket and golf.

Top 10 Duffle Bags by Buyer Rating

There are a large number of these available, in different sizes, different materials and of course from different UK brands. They seem to be most popular with younger people, students and for those who like to travel around various countries. The reason for that is that they hold a lot of clothes and other items, and they are pretty tough and durable.

Below we have listed what we believe to be the top 10 rated duffle bags, currently available in the UK marketplace. Hopefully you will find that list very useful.

Best Seller - Amazon Basics Large Duffel Bag

90% buyer satisfaction based on 14,000+ online buyer reviews

This is a popular choice for many UK buyers who want a basic but good quality duffle bag for less than £20. This is a typical style large rectangular-shaped duffel bag.

It has a large roomy interior (98 litres) making it ideal for travel or storage. The bags is made from nylon so light in weight at only 785 grams.

It can however hold up to 22.7 kg in weight.

It is available in either a black or red colour.

There is an inside pocket that zips up and an exterior pocket for quick access to smaller items like keys or tickets

It uses a zip to close the bag and has two loop handles for quick and easy lifting. It measures 82.5 x 43.2 x 29.2 cm/32.5 by 17 by 11.5 inches (LxWxH).

This is a "plain Jane" standard duffel bag that's cheap and cheerful. On the upside it is a massive seller and gets great reviews, so the quality is not bad at all, especially at this price. It's definitely the best mix of quality versus price and will be perfect for a lot of people. Maybe I might want something a bit better if I was travelling but as a utility duffel bag, this is very hard to beat. Certainly it's perfect for kids sports gear and their trips away.

Highest Buyer Rated - Under Armour Undeniable Duffel Bag

94% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000+ online buyer reviews

There is one of the best selling duffel bags in the UK. This bag has received great reviews from all buyers in the UK so far. It is available in various colours which include black, graphite, royal blue, red, watermelon, silver and black/silver.

It has tough, abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels with 2 large front zipped organisation pockets. It also has a large vented pocket for laundry or shoes and internal slip pockets for organisation

It also has a removable, padded, HeatGear shoulder strap for total comfort

It has a padded top grab handle and a D-ring for an added attachment point

This one remains a huge best seller in the UK. Many buyers use this for going to the gym as well as for various forms of travel. With so many reviews it has maintained very high levels of buyer satisfaction over a long period. That is always a very good sign. If you are looking for something thats a bit better quality then this should suit you well.

Best With Wheels - In Travel Bag with Wheels

84% buyer satisfaction based on 1,600+ online buyer reviews

Having a duffle style bag with wheels just makes carrying it around easier. Most people will carry their duffle bag but sometimes it is handier just to be able to pull it around, especially if it is heavier. With this you have the option of carrying handles or wheeling it along. You can also quickly turn it into a backpack.

This bag only weighs 1.2 Kg and has an 80 litre capacity so will hold a lot of stuff. When folded flat it measures 30 x 32 x 10 cm

This is a popular choice for anyone who wants this style of bag but also the convenience of wheels for easy movement.

The big selling point for this duffel bag is the wheels. That stands it out from other ones around this price. For me, I really like any bag that can be wheeled instead of having to be carried, it's much handier and is not just laziness, all bags should have wheels ! This model is well put together and definitely worth a look at this price.

Best Foldable - WANDF foldable duffel bag

90% buyer satisfaction based on 7,000+ online buyer reviews

This is one of the most popular duffle bags sold online. That is because it is a very affordable price, and yet has a very high buyer satisfaction rating.

It is available in a number of colours which are, purple, blue, yellow, dark green, black, grey, navy blue, wine red, green, light grey, light green and pink

It is made from nylon and measures 30 x 20 x 4 cm so small and compact. There is a shoe compartment and it has padded handles. It comes with a 1 year warranty and a money back guarantee.

Gonex 60L Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,300+ online buyer reviews

This is pretty new to the UK market. The price is good value for money, and it has a huge 60 litre capacity.

This is available in 10 colours which are black, purple, green, blue, red, gold, dark green, grey and rose red, so hopefully a colour suitable for your preference.

Very fashionable and comes with a 100% money back guarantee

The duffle bag is made from a fabric that resists wear and tear. The zips are tough and strong so no risk of those breaking. It is a light bag weighing only 662 grams. This bag has a large 60 litres capacity and it has multiple pockets.

It is easy to store it in any size locker by folding it up into a super small size: 10 x 11 inches. This is also a great bag to use when going on holidays or simply to take with you in case you need an extra bag for the return journey.  That is because it weighs up to 80% less than a normal suitcase.

Under Armour x storm Medium Duffel Bag

94% buyer satisfaction based on 7,000+ online buyer reviews

Many buyers love this "Under Armour" brand and they do make some really nice luggage.

This duffle is available in a whole variety of colours which are black, graphite/white, midnight navy, red/graphite, tropic pink, graphite, blue infinity, rhino grey, royal/graphite and stealth grey/black.

Like most Under Armour products this one has a high water and rain resistant finish.

These bags are expensive enough to buy but they are very high quality.

The bottom and the side panels of this duffle are made from a tough, abrasion-resistant material. There is a large from pocket which zips open and close and it also has a padded top grab handle for comfort when carrying. There is also a large vented pocket for laundry or shoes. In addition there is a mesh pocket. There is also a D-ring on the front panel for an added attachment point. The bag is made from polyester.

It measures 20 x 10 x 2 cm  and weighs 735 g

Bago Duffle Bag For Travel Luggage

90% buyer satisfaction based on 4,500+ online buyer reviews

This is a large travel duffle bag with an 85 litre capacity. It is a good choice as your lightweight main luggage, or for holding extra shopping or as a souvenir's bag.

The beauty of this bag is that it folds up to a very small 30 x 32 cm so small and light if you want to take a spare bag on your holidays.

This one is available in the following colours, Black, Blue, Camo, Deep Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red. Also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

It is made from a honeycomb rip stop fabric that resists wear and tear. The bag offers you lots of space without the weight of a heavy suitcase. It measures 30 x 40 x 70 cm and weighs only 700 grams.

Nike Unisex Duffel Bag

92% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ online buyer reviews

Although mainly used as a training or gym bag, many people also like to use this bag for travel.

It measures 51 x 25 x 28 cm and weighs 0.5 Kg

It has double handles and a detachable shoulder strap

It is made from 100% Polyester

This is a small bag so only suitable for overnight travel

MOLLYGAN Travel Duffel Bag

88% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

The duffel bag is a really good size for hiking, family holiday, vacation, business, sporting, a short trip, work, or the beach

It has a useful shoe pocket

measures L*W*H 18.8"x 10.2"x 11"/ 48x26x28 cm with a 35 litre capacity

It's suitable for carry-on and flight, for men and women.

Has an adjustable shoulder strap  and comfortable handle straps

It has multiple pockets, a large main pocket to hold laptop, ipad, or daily essentials like clothes ,towel, etc

It also has a zipper pocket and a small pockets for a mobile phone or coins and there is also an exterior zipper pocket that can be used for shoes.

Fresion Canvas Duffle Bag

94% buyer satisfaction based on 1,200+ online buyer reviews

This is normally a very expensive option with an RRP of £79.99. Shop around though as you should be able to find this online for much less than that.

This bag has a 40 litre capacity and it is expandable.

It measures 20.8*9.8*11.8 inches (53*25*30 CM (L*W*H)

It weighs 1.3Kg (2.8 lbs)

It is a  vintage looking bag made from durable cotton canvas and it can fit about 5-6 days of clothes easily.

It comes in the following colours black, blue, coffee and grey.

It is made from 16 ounce soft canvas and it won't rip or tear when you put a lot inside of the tote.  It has several pockets, a roomy main compartment, front zipper pockets to hold small accessories, an internal security zippered pocket and 2*side zipper pockets for shoes or umbrella. There are also adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

Duffle Bag Buyer's Guide

In the guide below we offer you some advice if you are thinking about getting yourself a duffle bag of some kind. There are a couple of things that we think are important to understand:

  1. Capacity - the amount your duffle bag can hold
  2. Ease of Use - Is it comfortable to lift and carry?

Understanding Capacity In Luggage

Manufacturers of luggage normally use litres when it comes to measuring what your piece of luggage can actually hold. That may be a scientific term, but most people don't really understand what that means, or how it can help them determine what size it actually is.

Capacity is simply the amount of space inside a case or a bag. You can also have for example a capacity size for a fridge and that simply means what space there is inside the fridge. This capacity measurement has no relation whatsoever to weight. The weight of your luggage depends entirely on what you pack into the space. So the number one thing to remember is that there is no relationship between capacity and weight.

As a general guidance though a typical 40 litre piece of luggage typically weighs around 11-13 Kg. So for example if you had a 20 Kg weight allowance on your flight, then a case or bag with a 60 or 80 litre capacity would be around that weight, assuming you just pack normal holiday items.

  • 20 litre duffle bag - this is a small bag and would be used for hand or cabin luggage but will not hold a lot. Kids use a bag like this for PE or swimming
  • 40 litre duffle bag - slightly bigger quite like a backpack and a good choice for a weekend or overnight stay. Many people also use a bag this size to go to the gym or to do yoga
  • 60 -80 litre duffle bag - ideal for longer holidays or trips

How Easy Is the Duffle Bag to Transport?

Most of these duffle style bags are carried by a couple of loop straps. When packing try and balance the weight across the full size of the bag as that does make it easier to carry. Many people also prefer to use a shoulder strap and sling that over one shoulder.

If you prefer that style of carrying, then make sure you buy a bag with an adjustable strap. We would also recommend getting a bag with padded carrying handles and a padded shoulder strap as they are a lot more comfortable on the hands.

Picking a Duffle Bag

A lot of people will use a backpack of some kind when travelling. However when you require more space than a backpack will allow, then many people turn to the duffle bag to do that. It is always important to consider if that is the right choice for your travelling needs. Here are a few questions to consider before buying your duffle bag.

  • How long will you be travelling? If you plan on using a duffle bag to travel then consider how long your trip is going to be. That can help you determine what clothes you want to bring, what weight you are allowed and what size of bag you actually need.
  • Do you want a duffle bag that you can take into the cabin and not have to check in? - This is an important consideration as many of the budget airlines have size restrictions. Some also have weight restrictions for cabin baggage. For example Easyjet has no weight restriction but they do have a size restriction, so make sure that your bag meets their size requirement.
  • Are you planning on bringing back anything from your holiday or trip? This is worth considering as almost always the weight of your luggage on the return journey is usually heavier than on the departing journey. People also bring a duffle bag as a spare bag because it is light in weight and folds up small.
  • Do you need the bag to be waterproof? - Some duffle bags are weatherproof but many are not. If you plan on using the duffle bag in wet conditions, then make sure it is fully waterproofed.
  • Do you want to be able to lock the bag? Most duffle bags do not lock easily. Some do though using zips and D or O clips. If you plan on checking in your duffle bag, then make sure you can lock it with a padlock.
  • Is keeping things neat when travelling important to you? - With duffle bags there really is little to no organisation. You put all your things inside and that is about all you can do. If you are someone who likes things organised then a duffle bag is probably not a very good choice for your needs.


In summary we hope that this page has provided you with some useful information when it comes to buying a duffle bag. These are a popular choice for many students and for younger people who like to travel. They are also popular with hikers and those who like to tour around by bus and train.

The disadvantages of these is that you do have to carry them around. You can get duffle bags with wheels but they are not really that popular as a choice of luggage. Duffle bags are also pretty woeful when it comes to being organised. Some people might say that all luggage is hard to organise. However with suitcases there are packing straps and if tightly packed, your clothes tend to stay in place.

With a duffle bag that will simply not happen. They are an affordable type of luggage, hold quite a lot and they are light in weight but still tough and durable.