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Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best backpack for air travel. Over the years you do gain a lot of wisdom. If you like to take a backpack when travelling, then the choice you make is very important.

if you get this choice wrong it can be quite a painful mistake. Your back, arms and shoulders may pay the price for a hasty decision on which was the best backpack to buy for air travel.

It may not seem like that big of a decision but please believe us that it is. That is especially true if you plan on going on a longer trip or perhaps visiting a number of destinations such as travelling around Europe.

So to help you out we have provided a guide that should help you find the best travel backpacks in the United Kingdom.

Why Choose a Backpack for Travelling?

There are so many choices for luggage these days, why bother with a backpack at all? Many people prefer the suitcase on wheels or the good old duffel holdall where you can just chuck everything in and go. 

The bottom line though is that by using a backpack, well a comfortable one, just makes travelling a great deal simpler and easier. The main point is that you can get them over your shoulders and that leaves your hands free for anything else that you want to do. (No more having to set your hand luggage or suitcase on those toilet floors)

The key to getting one of the better travel packs is of course to get one that fits your size and build, and then make sure that when packed, the weight is evenly distributed across the entire pack, and not as a lead weight in the bottom of it.

We think this is really important if like me you use public transport when abroad, or like to visit tourist attractions and are on and off buses, walking over difficult enough terrain, and even simple things like escalators and stairs.

Top 10 Backpacks for Air Travel

Just below we have listed the top 10 backpacks for air travel. These are listed by the backpacks with the highest buyer satisfaction rating in decreasing order. In other words those with the highest rating are at the top of the list.

If you click on any of the product names, then you can read a concise review on each of the backpacks on my list.

  1. Travel Laptop Backpack
  2. Laptop Backpack,Beyle Slim Anti-theft
  3. SEAGULL Black Laptop Backpack
  4. Under Armour Men's Ua Hustle
  5. Berghaus Twentyfourseven Plus Rucksack
  6. Laptop Backpack, Sosoon Anti-Theft
  7. G4Free Lightweight Small Chest Sling Shoulder Backpacks
  8. Trespass Albus Backpack, 30 Litre
  9. BagBase BG125 Fashion Backpack
  10. 25L-30L Rucksack Foldable Ultralight Packable Backpack

Professional Business Backpack Review

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack, Work Bag Lightweight Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port, Anti Theft Business Backpack, Water Resistant School Rucksack Gift for Men and Women, Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop

This is the highest buyer rated backpack for air travel on our list. It has multi compartments and a padded laptop section suitable for any device up to 15.6"

It also has a hidden anti-theft pocket and comes with a built-in charging cable and USB port.

It is made from a waterproof polyester fabric with smooth metal zippers.

It also has adjustable comfortable straps that complete this backpack.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Average UK Price £35 - 94% buyer satisfaction based on 40,000 online buyer reviews.

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Trespass Albus Backpack

respass Albus Backpack Perfect Rucksack for School

This remains a very popular choice for many UK buyers. The main reason for that is that it is good quality, but it is also at a very affordable price.

It is available in ten colours and is made from a tough and durable polyester material.

If you plan on hiking when you get off your flight, then this is a good choice. There are 3 sipped sections on the front, a side mesh pocket and an internal key ring. It has a large 30 litre capacity

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Average UK Price £20-23 - 92% buyer satisfaction based on 18,000 online buyer reviews.

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Under Armour Unisex Hustle 5.0, Durable and Comfortable Water-Resistant Backpack

Under Armour Unisex Hustle 5.0, Durable and Comfortable Water-Resistant Backpack, Spacious Laptop Backpack

This is from the popular Under Armour brand with one of their best selling backpacks.

This one is available in 2 colours. This backpack is made from a highly water resistant material and can hold up to a 15" laptop.

It also has an abrasion resistant bottom panel, and a soft lined laptop sleeve. There is also a water-repellent front valuables pocket to help keep your stuff safe, and to top it off there is adjustable HeatGear shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Average UK Price £49 - 94% buyer satisfaction based on 6,000 online buyer reviews.

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G4Free Lightweight Small Chest Sling Shoulder Backpack

90% buyer satisfaction based on 7,000+ online buyer reviews

You do see quite a number of people opting for this sling shoulder bag style and it is simply just a mini backpack.

We included this on our list as this one is slightly different but may suit many people.

It can carry up to a 7.9" tablet and for some users that is all they want this for. Well that and a few of their valuables and charging appliances and leads.

It is made from a water and tear resistant nylon fabric and has a metal zipper. The edges have reinforced stitching. It measures 38 x 19 x 6 CM  and big enough to hold all your essentials.

There is one main compartment with an internal pocket, a front zipped pocket, and a side mesh pocket.

It weighs only 1.3 kg and has a well padded back and broad shoulder strap.

Rucksack Foldable Ultralight Packable Backpack

86% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews

This backpack is the cheapest on my list and yet it still comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is a lightweight backpack with a 25 litre capacity.

It fits into an ultra-compact pouch. It is also easy to folds up into a small pocket size.

That means you can pack it in your suitcase and have an extra bag without it taking up space.

BagBase BG125 Fashion Backpack 

86% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

This backpack is available in a whopping 38 different colours.  It is made from polyester and has a padded back panel.

This is a basic type of backpack and that is reflected in the price. Please note this can only be hand washed.

It measures 42 x 31 x 21 cm, weighs 350 grams and has an 18 litres capacity.

How to Pick the Right Backpack for Air Travel?

When people travel they usually bring with them a large piece of luggage and a piece of hand luggage. These will be restricted in size depending on the airline that you travel with. When it comes to backpacks, then you can take a larger one that will need checked into the cargo hold, but you can also bring a small pack for taking into the cabin itself.

Alternatively you can take a suitcase with you for your main luggage and a smaller backpack to use as hand luggage. That is a great idea as it can double up as your hand luggage, but is also super handy for day trips, coach tours, going down to the pool or the beach.

The backpacks that you pick will of course depend on the type of holiday that you are planning. For most people though they will simply want a backpack that can be used for hand luggage and it will end up being a multi-purpose bag.

The only real question that you have to ask is what is the main purpose of your backpack? In simple terms what will it be used for the most? For some it will be used mainly for business trips and to carry a laptop, some papers etc? Some will want a pack for hiking and other outdoor activities. Some will want a pack to hold some basic things needed for the flight and the hotel check-in, like passports, travel documentation, some water and some sweets.

No matter what the reason is, once you have determined how you want to use the pack, consider whether a travel backpack is really the best option for you? I know for example many younger people like to travel around a lot and use hostels or camp sites, so it is worth keeping in mind that a good quality backpacking backpack can double up really well as a backpack for general travelling.

Make Sure YOUR Backpack has These Features

The Right Size

Yes we know that this may at first seem obvious, but we have seen more mistakes than enough at the airport check-in to know that many people get this wrong. The size allowed varies from airline to airline.

Small backpacks which are ideal for hand luggage usually are considered to be anything less than 22" x 14" x 9". Anything under that size will be allowed onboard as standard hand luggage.

Best Small Backpack

90% buyer satisfaction based on 5,500+ online buyer reviews

This 10 litre backpack from the Eastpak brand is one of the best small backpacks on the UK market right now

It comes in over 30 colours so you should be able to pick the one you like best

It has a main compartment with a front pocket and a padded back with smaller straps for a comfortable fit

It measures Height:33.5 cm,Width:23 cm,Depth:15 cm

Padded & Adjustable Straps

So we know that size is important but having padded straps is for certain high on the list for comfort. It is not enough though that they are padded, but we all have different sizes of body frames, so they also need to be adjustable.

Just be aware that some of these packs do have adjustable straps, but are not as adjustable as they should be.

Likewise your pack should also have side compression straps as these help hold everything in place and stop the bag from becoming bottom heavy. Having these helps evenly distribute the weight across the pack and therefore across your back and shoulders.

Best Backpack for Business Travel

Cabin Max Edinburgh Carry On backpack with padded notebook

The Cabin Max I have mentioned above does a very good job for general business travel. However most people who travel on business will regularly use a laptop, and many want extra protection for that expensive item.

For those travellers I would still recommend the Cabin Max, but this time they do the same back with a padded notebook or laptop compartment. That makes it an ideal choice as it is a good backpack for business travel, and it will keep your laptop or tablet safe and sound.

There is not the same choice in colour but it is a much safer bet to have the padded compartment.

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Eastpak Padded Pak Backpack Review
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Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and I love to travel. I travelled for many years with business, but these days it is thankfully all about holidays and enjoyment. Here I share everything I have learned about travel.

Enda McLarnon

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