Best Anti-Theft Backpacks UK Reviews

Best anti theft backpacks

There are so many pick pockets in the UK, that is is hard to determine, just how many thefts there are in a year. The majority of these happen in areas where large groups of people assemble. Typically tube and rail stations, airports, bus stations, ports etc. The city centres and large shopping centres are also the perfect scene for these thieves.

​Many of these go unreported, but those that are reported come to an incredible 600,000 a year. Some experts reckon that the true figure is closer to 6,000 incidents a day. The main items stolen are electronics such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops etc.

Worst European Cities for Pickpockets

There are quite a few of these, but based on reported information, we have this top 5 list below:

    1. Barcelona
    2. Rome
    3. Prague
    4. Madrid
    5. Paris

There is few things worse then discovering that you have been robbed. Like many travellers, I like backpacks, especially for shorter trips, or for simply going to the office or your place of work. They are however one of the easiest types of luggage to steal from. At the end of the day, the back is on your back and for the most part out of sight.

In the video you will see these horrible people in action. For the most part they target any type of backpack, as for them that is easy pickings.​

The police offer a lot of advice, as do many travel companies, on how to stay safe and avoid being the victim of a thief or pickpocket. Ideally we would carry all valuables on our person, zipped up and safely out of sight. It isn't really easy to do that with a laptop.​

Thankfully the luggage manufacturers make backpacks that are designed to be anti-theft.​ Here is one example of those in the video below.

These types of backpacks are now widely available in the UK market. Below I have included the top 5 according to buyer reviews. Hopefully you will find this information useful.

No 1 Anti-Theft Backpack - SLOTRA Slim Laptop Backpack

SLOTRA Slim Anti Theft Laptop Backpack
Buyer Satisfaction
  • This backpack can fit up to a 15.6" laptop
  • Uses a dual-access invisible zipper and this anti-theft design increases the security of your stuff inside.
  • Has a USB charging cable and external USB charging port, that makes for convenient charging
  • Has a hidden internal divider and a headphone grommet for easy access to your MP3 player

Buyers rate this one highly with a 94% buyer satisfaction rating and this particular model of backpack is one of the biggest sellers on Amazon in the UK.

It retails from around £32-35 depending on where you make your purchase. The laptop compartment is at rear of the bag, so your laptop is up against your back when wearing the backpack normally.

The straps then pass over this compartment. That means there is no way for a thief to remove the laptop from the compartment when the backpack is being worn.

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No 2 Anti-Theft Backpack - Kopack Anti Theft Laptop Rucksack

Kopack Anti theft Laptop Backpack
Buyer Satisfaction
  • Really nice design that is very stylish
  • This bag is slash proof
  • Zips that have loops for padlocks
  • Has 2 secret pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Anti-scratch

Buyers rate this one with an 88% buyer satisfaction and this backpack retails from around £32. There are no easy to access outside zips. 

No 3 Anti-Theft Backpack - Kopack Laptop bag Slim Anti Theft Computer travel backpack

Kopack Laptop bag Slim Anti Theft Computer travel backpack
Buyer Satisfaction
  • Suitable for 12.1 - 15 most 15.6 inch
  • Anti theft zipper - dual layer which is slash resistant
  • Zips that have loops for padlocks
  • Well priced at just under £30

Buyers rate this one highly at 88% buyer satisfaction rating and this backpack retails from just under £30.  This backpack has multiple pockets, and is made from a very strong material. The padding on the back is very good and it is a nice light weight.

No 4 Anti-Theft Backpack - OMOTON Backpack, Anti-theft

OMOTON Backpack, Anti-theft
Buyer Satisfaction
  • Will fit most laptops up to 15.6 inch
  • The laptop pocket is also covered by the shoulder straps, making it extra safe
  • There is an invisible pocket at the back of the backpack
  • Well priced at just under £31

Buyers rate this with an 82% buyer satisfaction, but just be aware that this backpack is new to the market, and as yet has only a small number of reviews.

No 5 Anti-Theft Backpack - Tigernu Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Tigernu Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack
Buyer Satisfaction
  • Will fit 17.3"laptops
  • The backpack is made from rip proof material
  • Has a double zipper
  • Well priced at just under £34

Buyers rate this with  a 92% buyer satisfaction rating. This is a waterproof bag and is also vary well padded.This is a large backpack and the main compartment is double zipped.

No 6 Anti-Theft Backpack - Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

bobby anti theft backpack
Buyer Satisfaction
  • Will fit 15.6"laptops
  • The backpack is made from rip proof material
  • Has a double zipper
  • An expensive product at around £75

Buyers rate this with an 86% buyer satisfaction rating. This is a waterproof bag and is also vary well padded. This pack has a ton of features but it is an expensive choice and for that reason alone we placed it lower down our list.

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Anti-Theft Backpack Buying Guide

There are many of these type of anti-theft backpacks available on the UK market. Above I have listed 6 of the better ones. There are of course many important features that a backpack should have. These include padding, the amount of room, the comfort of the straps etc.

Safety Features

Safety is of course one of the important ones. Any bag can be broken into is the thief has enough time. However what these types of bag do is make it very difficult to ​break into.

The types of pickpocket you see in airports, ports, train and bus stations take advantage of travellers being distracted.

That allows them to get easy access to pockets and bags. If you make these tough for them to get into, then they will more than likely leave you alone.​

Typically these bags have seams covering the main zipper area. Most of them use the material on the straps to do that. In addition to that, they will also be rip resistant, and some of them will be anti-slash.

A favourite trick of thieves is to use a sharp knife to slash the bottom of the bag, and then quickly remove items inside. An anti-slash bag will stop that.

Locks and Zippers

A big weakness in most luggage is the quality of the zippers. Not only do these come off, but they can often stick and jam. Always look for good quality metal zippers, ideally dual zippers, that can be pulled together, and then a lock attached to the ends of the zippers.

Hidden Compartments

Many of these, but not all, will have hidden compartments. These can be useful especially for important documentation.

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